Subway makes three more big changes to its menu

Subway brings back Honey Oat Bread, adds Creamy Sriracha, and new Miss Vickie's Chips
Subway brings back Honey Oat Bread, adds Creamy Sriracha, and new Miss Vickie's Chips / Subway

Another menu refresh comes to Subway. From the return of a favorite bread to another bold food addition, the popular quick service restaurant is making flavor waves and guests are hungry for more.

Over the past several months, Subway has made big changes to its menu. From launching the Sidekicks, which offer guests a snack or sweet ending to accompany their meal, to the new Subway Wraps that pack big flavor and protein into a handheld meal, the QSR brand understands that menu evolution is key to keeping guests engaged. While favorite subs will always be part of the conversation, people want new, exciting options alongside those menu favorites.

The three new changes coming to the Subway menu are the return of honey oat bread, adding Creamy Sriracha sauce nationwide, and a new Miss Vickie’s chip flavor, which is inspired by Subway’s signature Baja Chipotle sauce. The trio of changes could make the perfect sub combination.

Speaking about the menu additions, Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation at Subway said, “These latest upgrades to Subway’s menu will delight any sandwich lover craving something with bold and unique flavor, whether it’s light and sweet or bringing the heat. While our fans know and love our Honey Oat Bread and Creamy Sriracha sauce, I can’t wait for them to see how we reimagined our signature Baja Chipotle Sauce in our partnership with Miss Vickie’s.”

Creamy Sriracha sauce on a Subway Sub
Creamy Sriracha sauce on a Subway Sub / Subway

Subway menu changes will get a big response from fans

Another example of vocal consumers being heard, the return of honey oat bread will be well received. Although it is only a limited time offering, the four-year hiatus has been hard for many people. That sweet, earthy bread with a sprinkle of oats on top works with so many of the Subway ingredients. For anyone who has longed for this flavor, it might be time to order a few subs before the bread disappears.

While the popular honey oat bread might be a touch sweet, the Creamy Sriracha brings the bold flavor to any sub. The nationwide rollout allows everyone to get a taste of this rich, spicy condiment.

Although swicy is having a moment across QSR menus, the reality is that this sauce is a little heartier. For people who like a creamy condiment but want the spice, it is a smart combination. More importantly, the flavor versatility works across many of the Subway subs.

Miss Vickie's Baja Chipotle chips
Miss Vickie's Baja Chipotle chips / Subway

Lastly, the Miss Vickie’s Baja Chipotle chips might be the one new menu item that will have people buying several bags, one for a side and a few for snacking at another time. Anyone who loves Miss Vickie’s chips appreciates that the brand signature crunch helps to enhance the flavor.

The combination of the hefty chip with the spicy, smoky chipotle flavor is delicious. The taste is not overpowering, but it is far from boring.

Thinking about this chip, it might be time to borrow an idea from the hamburger world. Why not add some of the Miss Vickie’s chips on top of a Subway sub. Although the sandwich artist may not be able to make that substitution, guests can pile on the chips at the table. Taking that classic turkey sub to the next level with these new chips could be the ultimate menu hack.

The three new Subway menu additions are set to be a big hit. Could there be more menu changes coming down the line? Only time will tell. As long as guests react positively to all the new offerings, it could be a flavorful year ahead for Subway.