Twisted taco trios score with sports fans across the nation


From Taco Tuesday to National Taco Day, tacos are becoming a staple meal. Now, Twisted Taco Trios are taking over NBA and NHL games.

Tacos not only have their own national holiday but they are celebrated every Tuesday. Many families serve Taco Tuesday with rousing success. But, that taco love keeps growing. Now sports fans are getting their fix at sports arenas with Aramark’s Twisted Taco Trios.

Twisted Tacos, Aramark arena food, photo from BusinessWire

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A good taco is more than just seasoned ground beef in a taco shell or tortilla. Tacos need balanced flavors and textures. From a crunchy slaw to a bright garnish, tacos are far from boring.

Additionally, tacos lend themselves to experimentation. Even the flavor itself doesn’t have to be Mexican inspired. Why not add some Asian flavors or even American barbecue to those tortillas. Since the tortilla is a blank slate, almost any flavor can really work in this hand-held food.

After a successful NFL food menu season, Aramark has released new food items for the upcoming NBA and NHL season. A top choice on the menus are the Twisted Taco Trios.

Check out the new menu offerings.

"TWISTED TACO TRIOS• BBQ Pork Flauta (Pepsi Center): BBQ pulled pork rolled in a flour tortilla and fried, topped with red onion and a pickle. Served with classic coleslaw and a side of home-style ranch for dipping.• Colorado Cheesesteak Flauta (Pepsi Center): Beef barbacoa with green chiles, poblano peppers, caramelized onions and pepper jack cheese, rolled in a flour tortilla and fried. Served with a side of chili con queso.• Pork Belly Tacos (Capital One Arena): Pork belly with avocado crema and Sriracha sauce, in a flour tortilla.• Pulled Pork Nopales Tacos (SAP Center): Pulled pork with spicy nopales (prickly pear) salsa and cotija cheese, in a flour tortilla.• Smoked Brisket Taco (Wells Fargo Center): House smoked brisket with dark cherry bourbon BBQ sauce, Napa slaw and pickle dust, in a flour tortilla.• Smoke’s™ Soft Chicken Taco (Canadian Tire Centre): Grilled chicken with lettuce, signature Burritorie sauce, pico de gallo and cheese, in a soft flour tortilla.• Tejas Taco (AT&T Center): House smoked brisket with BBQ relish, queso fresco, jalapeno crema and pickled onion, in a fresh corn tortilla."

Twisted Tacos, Aramark arena food, photo from BusinessWire

Classic American barbecue leads the way on these Twisted Taco Trios. Pulled pork, with its tender bites and robust sauce, lends itself to a taco. Similar to Mexican carnitas, the pulled pork is a natural extension of a taco flavor. The brightness/acidity from the pickled vegetables is a great choice. These pickled ingredients can lighten the pulled pork flavor. Plus, the crunch added a balance of texture.

Additionally, the Texas brisket options seem to cater to the hearty sports fan appetite. Smoky brisket is often a tailgating favorite, but it can be difficult to eat during the game. Putting it into a taco adds convenience. No fork is necessary and fans have an extra hand to cheer, high-five or tip back a cold one.

Twisted Tacos, Aramark arena food, photo from BusinessWire

If I had to choose just one of these Twisted Taco Trios, it would be the Pork Belly Tacos. Pork belly is such a delicious bite. Flavorful and tender, I can’t get enough of pork belly. Adding the Sriracha sauce for heat yet balanced with the avocado crema, the bite should have punch to the palate. The taco reminds me of a banh mi sandwich. While I might prefer a few more ingredients, I think this taco will be a big hit.

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Even if you can’t make it to one of these arenas serving the Aramark Twisted Tacos, you can use the tacos for at home inspiration. Take some of the left over pulled pork from the weekend’s barbecue and serve your own twisted taco.

Tacos are meant to be fun and creative. Find the flavors that you enjoy and put them into your weekly Taco Tuesday or family taco night. Who knows, your tacos might be the next big taco trend.