Icelandic vodka: Smooth flavor profile focuses on purity and uniqueness


Steaming from a unique distillation process, Icelandic vodka benefits from the uniqueness and purity that Icelandic water and air provide. Can you taste the difference?

Rye, wheat and potatoes can be transformed into the popular spirit, vodka. But, vodka doesn’t have to come from Russia. Icelandic vodka has a smooth flavor profile that is a taste above. Using water from a lava field, Icelandic vodka, Reyka, has a distillation process that enhances its unique flavor.

Coda de Volpe in Chicago. photo by Kira Anderson, provided by Wisecarver Public Relations

Reyka, the Icelandic vodka, isn’t just from Iceland, it is made in Iceland. Similar to the Icelandic word for steam, the pure lava rock filtered water used in the making process sets Reyka’s flavor apart. Since Iceland’s artic water is consider highly pure, the water’s crisp, clean consistency lends itself to a more smooth vodka.

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Since Reyka has such a pure taste, this vodka works well in craft cocktails. Herbaceous flavors become more pronounced, which means that few ingredients need to be added. Even a classic vodka martini can be simplified to just the miniumal ingredients.

According to Reyka Brand Ambassador Trevor Schneider, even the popular espresso martini can be stripped down to its primary flavors. For example, many espresso martinis have become “overcomplicated by adding liqueurs and creams.” This espresso martini (provided below) is “unbelievably light but flavorful, and nicely ties the flavors of espresso with the crisp, smooth Reyka Vodka.”

Espresso Martini, photo provided by Wisecarver Public Relations

"Employees Only New York: The Espresso Martini2 parts Reyka Vodka1 part Espresso3/4 parts 1:1 Simple SyrupShake with ice and strain into a chilled coup."

If you’re not ready to be a master mixologist at home, some Chicago favorite locations have created delicious cocktails featuring the Reyka Vodka.

The Lightworks at Coda di Volpe is a slushie cocktail that is quite compelling. The cocktail offers a delicate balance of herbs (thyme), citrus and sweetness (cream limoncello). With a prosecco floater, the cocktail even has a little sense of whimsy. This cocktail is enjoyable on its own or as an aperitif.

A few other Chicago restaurants and bars offer Reyka cocktails as well. Conrad Chicago Baptiste & Bottle’ The Boat Tour combines grapefruit, sparking wine and Reyka Vodka. One sip can make you wish that you were cruising on Lake Michigan. Taste 222 incorporates rare teas into its Reyka cocktails. Lastly, Michael Jordan’s brings an Indian twist to its Bollywood cocktail. Featuring ginger beer and Mumbai syrup, the cocktail is a spicy and sweet sip.

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Next time you’re in the mood for a vodka cocktail or even just vodka on the rocks, try Reyka Icelandic vodka. The purity and uniqueness from the lava field, artic water is apparent in every smooth sip. Cheers!