When is the best time to buy Halloween candy?


As soon as the school starts, Halloween candy and decorations start to fill the store shelves. But, when is the best time to buy Halloween candy?

Halloween candy, and Halloween itself, is big business. Every year, consumers spend more and more money on candy, costumes and décor. From the traditional Halloween trick or treating to Halloween parties, the majority of people buy some type of Halloween candy.
According to Ibotta, the average American spends “$16.45 per person” on Halloween candy. Generally, a small bag of Halloween treats is around $4. Based on that survey, the average person buys at least four bags of candy. Let’s hope that everyone isn’t eating all those bags of candy on their own.

Even though the stores start selling those special Halloween treats early, consumers generally buy the majority of their candy “four days before Halloween.” This particular timeframe shows that candy averages “$1.94 per unit.” That price reflects sales and coupons on all that sugar.

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The worst time to buy Halloween candy is the October 30, the day before Halloween. According to Ibotta, the candy cost rises dramatically. At “$2.75 per unit”, stores know that you need to buy that candy and will charge more for it. No family wants to be the “dark” house on Halloween. Buying last minute bags of candy is the only option. Unfortunately, that choice is a burden on your wallet.

Luckily the best time to buy Halloween candy isn’t too early in the Halloween season. No one wants to have bags of candy sitting in their pantry too long. The temptation to sneak a piece or two is too great. Even if you buy candy you dislike (like Almond Joys or Nerds – who eats those?), someone in the house could fall victim to snacking. Better to wait till that magic four days before window to fill those Halloween buckets.

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Halloween is quickly creeping up on everyone. What Halloween candy will your family purchase this year? Will it be a favorite or one that you can’t wait to give away to those little trick or treaters?