The dirtiest kitchen tool in your house might surprise you


While the kitchen might look spotless, is it really? Do you know what the dirtiest kitchen tool in your house is?

Even the cleanest kitchen has germs. Germs are part of life. Any place in the kitchen can have germs. From the stove to the sink, messes can’t be avoided. But, one kitchen tool is hands down the dirtiest kitchen tool. Do you know what it is?

A few options come to mind when thinking about the dirtiest kitchen tool in your house. From refrigerator crisper drawer to the splattered microwave, the possibilities are many. A few culprits jump to the front runner position. The kitchen sponge, the knife block and the cutting board. Only one is hands down the dirtiest, but there is a solution.

What is the dirtiest kitchen tool in your house?, photo by Cristine Struble

First, cutting boards can harbor lots of germs if they aren’t handled correctly. While everyone know about the dangers of raw chicken, do you think how that affects your cutting board?

A set of cutting boards or cutting sheets for various types of food can be helpful. A great example of this type is Casabella’s silicone cutting boards. With this option you can have separate boards for each type of food. No worries about cross contamination.

Another option is a sustainable material cutting board that is also dishwasher safe. Totally Bamboo offers its dishwasher safe Totally Bamboo GreenLite cutting boards. Bamboo cutting boards are durable yet friendly to knives. Since traditional wood can’t be submerged in water for a long time, this dishwasher safe version is helpful for the home cook.

Still, the cutting board isn’t the dirtiest thing in your kitchen.

Do you use a knife block? Ever wonder why professional chefs use a knife roll instead of a knife block? If you don’t put completely dry knives back in the knife block, that slot could harbor bacteria. There really isn’t a good way to clean those knife slots.

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If you don’t want to have your knives openly exposed in the kitchen, one alternative is the Kuhn Rikon clear vision knife stand. The clear, open view knife stand visually shows the knives but keeps them protected. The bottom can be opened and cleaned periodically. A traditional knife block can’t be cleaned.

What is the dirtiest thing in your kitchen? It’s the one thing you use every day for many purposes, the kitchen sponge.

SpongeBath, cleaner kitchen sponge, photo provided by SpongeBath

Did you know that the kitchen sponge can hold a lot of bacteria? It is impractical to use a kitchen sponge just once and throw it way. Putting it in the microwave only destroys the sponge. Even though everyone uses sponges, there wasn’t an effective way to clean them. Now, there is, SpongeBath.

SpongeBath is a simple solution to a dirty problem. The product both cleans and stores kitchen sponges. With its system, 99.9% of smelly causing bacteria is killed.

Everyone has picked up a kitchen sponge and cringed at the smell. Who wants to use that kitchen item to clean their dishes? By having SpongeBath in the kitchen, that smelly, dirty sponge is cleaned and ready to use every time. The patented system cleans and kills the germs that are deep into the micro-crevices.

The SpongeBath can be stored by the sink or can attached to the inside of the sink itself. The style is sleek and works in any kitchen setting. SpongeBath is available for purchase on Amazon.

Are you ready to clean the dirtiest kitchen tool in your house?