Retro kitchen tools reappearing in the modern kitchen


Old is new again. Retro kitchen tools are coming back into style. Even the most modern kitchen embraces these popular retro touches.

Kitchen tools are constantly being updated. From technological advancements to better efficiency, kitchen gadgets are ever evolving. Even with the advancements, the classics can still be the better options. Retro kitchen tools are making a comeback. While these retro tools may not be the exact ones that grandma used, they have that retro feel.

Retro kitchen tools, Microplane rotary grater, photo provided by Microplane

Microplane rotary grater

Many people grew up with a rotary grater adding piles of parmesan cheese to a favorite pasta dish. Even restaurants would bring the rotary grater to the table. Mircoplane has updated the rotary grater to make it more efficient.

While Microplane’s rotary grater makes quick work of parmesan cheese, it can also work with chocolate or even walnuts. The versatility makes this retro kitchen tool a must have for any home cook.

The Microplane rotary grater has the super sharp blades that people expect from Microplane. The easy to twist grater takes minimal effort with big results. Also, it can be used by either right or left handed people.

Punch bowl

Punches are growing in popularity. Whether throwing a large party or a dinner party, the punch can be a great cocktail option. Having a stylish punch bowl to serve from is a must. Whether you choose a cut glass or an old-school silver version, the punch bowl showcases the delicious cocktail. Places like Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table have many stylish punch bowls.

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Who doesn’t have at least one Pyrex dish in their kitchen cabinet? The classic Pyrex dish can go from prep to oven to refrigerator. The versatility of that dish makes is a must have for anyone.

Earlier this year, Pyrex added a new version to its classic glass dish. The Pyrex watercolors line offers a stylish update to the retro kitchen tool. The swirls of deep blue make this Pyrex dish perfect for any table setting. With all the benefits of classic Pyrex, the Watercolors line adds a little color to the perennial favorite.

Retro kitchen tools, Helix potato ricer, photo provided by Joseph Joseph

Potato ricers

Grandma knew something when she broke out the potato ricer. That simple kitchen tool makes quick work mash potatoes. If you’ve never used a potato ricer, it takes cooked potato and breaks it down into rice-like pieces. It helps to make mashed potatoes less lumpy while not creating over-beaten mashed potatoes.

But, that potato ricer isn’t just for potatoes. For example, tomatoes can be easily seeded and peeled with the potato ricer. Also, other vegetables, like squash, work with potato ricers. Basically, it is an easy way to puree vegetables.

One easy to use potato ricer is the Joseph Joseph Helix potato ricer. The Helix version has a twisting motion that avoids the downward pushing motion. It makes for a more efficient motion for any user. The Helix potato ricer retails for approximately $20.00.

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