Where was the birthplace of National Beer Day?


April 7 marks National Beer Day. Do you know where this celebratory occasion to raise your favorite pint was started?

Have you ever looked at a food calendar? Every day there seems to be another celebratory food day. National Beer Day is April 7. While many people treat weekends, sporting events and the weekly happy hour as drinking beer day, this annual celebration is another excuse to enjoy a favorite beer or try a new one.

National Beer Day was created by Justin Smith. Back in 2009, the avid beer fan created this hoppy holiday at Buffalo Wild Wings in Richmond, Virginia. While not necessarily the most serious holiday, it was a great reason for Smith to celebrate his favorite beverage. In honor of both the holiday and the birthplace of the holiday, Buffalo Wild Wings will be celebrating the beer holiday.

While wing fans head to Buffalo Wild Wings to get their wing fix, the restaurant is also a beer fan’s paradise. The company serves “50 million draft beers served annually.” According to the brand, “In 2017, B-Dubs sold nearly 2 billion ounces of beer— the equivalent of more than 1 million kegs and enough beer to fill 23 Olympic-sized pools. Craft beer accounts for approximately 35 percent of total beer sales annually.”

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Looking at the fast casual restaurant, its beer selection appeals to a wide variety of beer drinkers. From the craft beer drinker to the light beer drinker, B-Dubs has a variety of beer options. With so many choices, guests can try various beer pairings based on the different wing flavors. I’m willing to bet that guests could have a different wing and beer pairing for several months.

B-Dubs is starting to embrace its position as a beer fan destination. With the addition of B-Dubs Brew Series and its rotating tap series, the restaurant embraces the beer fan who wants to expand his beer experiences. It will be interesting to see which beers will become part of this program.

Will you be celebrating National Beer Day at Buffalo Wild Wings? If you will, what beer will you be drinking? I’m ready for a cold frosty one right now.