How many pounds of tortilla chips do people eat on Cinco de Mayo?


On Cinco de Mayo tortilla chips and dip are a must eat food. Ever wonder how many pounds of tortilla chips are actually consumed?

On May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, many people enjoy Mexican foods. Tortilla chips and dip, particularly guacamole, are often a top choice to eat for the annual celebration. With so many people enjoying this classic snack food, do you ever wonder just how many pounds of tortilla chips are eaten during this particular celebration?

Tortilla chips & Cinco de Mayo, photo provided by Tostitos

Recently, Tostitos and Sabra conducted a study to see how many pounds of tortilla chips American consumer eat on May 5th. According to their survey, Americans consume 16.6 million pounds of chips and over 25 million pounds of store bough dips. While that number sounds immense, a visual can show just how gigantic that number is. 26 million 15 ounce margarita glasses could be filled with all those tortilla chips and dip. That sounds like one epic party.

Cinco de Mayo is a hugely popular holiday, especially for eating. While the Super Bowl is often thought of a chip and dip feast, the Mexican inspired holiday is actually the biggest guacamole holiday. Whether you like your guacamole chunky, spicy or filled with extra add-ins, May 5th is a perfect day to enjoy this superfood inspired dip.

Since Tostitos and Sabra were asking all these chip and dip questions, another interesting fact came from the study. Do you know which state consumes the most chips and dips on May 5? I would have guess Texas, with its hugely popular Tex-Mex, but it wasn’t. Florida, three times more than the national average, consumes more chips and dip. I guess all that warm weather makes Floridians crave a lot of snacks.

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With only a few more days to the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, what foods are you planning on serving? Personally, I like scoop style chips with a chunky guacamole. I make my guacamole, sorry Sabra. In my recipe, I use extra jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and a few black olives (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it).

Since I tend to leave my guacamole a little chunkier, the scoop style chips are perfect for getting the right chip to dip ratio. The scoop style chips can stand-up to my chunky, spicy guacamole.

Of course, a May 5th celebration isn’t complete without a good celebratory beverage. A fresh, classic margarita or a Michelada are my top two choices to wash down all those chips and dip. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water, too.

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Are you planning a big Cinco de Mayo celebration? What’s on your menu? I guessing that tortilla chips and dips might make an appearance.