Smart cocktails: Technology assists the perfect sip


Smart cocktails aren’t a passing fad. Technology is helping to unlock the perfect sip. Is your cocktail glass ready to embrace it?

Just like the evolution of the smart home, smart cocktails are becoming more popular. From the perfect cocktail to unlocking a liquor’s flavor profile, technology is part of food culture. While some people would rather not embrace change, these new methods can help people re-discover why a perfect sip can be a reality.

Watching a master mixology create a cocktail is almost like work of art. The layers of flavor, the nuances, all combine to create that perfect sip. Unfortunately, that skill comes with years of practice. Re-creating that cocktail at home may seem impossible. Fortunately, technology is helping the at-home mixologist discover those skills.

The Glenlivet Code, photo provided by The Glenlivet

Recently, The Glenlivet Code launched a new way of enjoying the Speyside single malt whiskey. While whiskey fans appreciate the nuanced notes of this particular brand, new whiskey drinkers might want to discover the flavors on their own. This totally unique single malt Scotch whisky is blending old world craft with technology.

Master Distiller, Alan Winchester said “this year’s limited edition is a labyrinth of flavors that will test the senses of even the most discerning whisky drinker.” Using Shazam, The Glenlivet code will unlock virtual experience to guide drinkers through a tasting. “The interactive experience will allow whisky enthusiasts at all levels to build their knowledge of the category while also developing a deeper understanding of The Glenlivet.”

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By letting a drinker discover the tasting notes, this process develops the whiskey drinker’s palate and understanding of the complex liquor. Instead of superimposing the flavors to discover, the drinker can uncover the flavors. This process can help drinkers understand what they do or do not like.

The interactive component helps to modernize the whiskey drinking experience. Whether it is a competition amongst friends or just entertainment, the app interaction engages the consumer. Who wouldn’t want to impress others with his tasting abilities?

The Glenlivet Code isn’t the only way that technology is entering the bar world. At IHHS (International Home and Housewares Show), the Bartesian pours premium cocktails on demand. With the company’s system, a perfect cocktail to your specifications is a push away.

With a process similar to a capsule coffee maker, the Bartesian simplifies cocktail making. While it might not replace the master mixologist, it does offer the at-home bartender an alternative. By making the process easy, the device can help people discover what they do or do not like about cocktails. More importantly, it can make your next party much easier.

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Smart cocktails are making their way behind the bar. Are you willing to see how technology can impact your next cocktail?