HelloFresh meal planning: Cook once, eat twice with Dinner 2 Lunch


HelloFresh is a popular meal planning kit is offering home cooks even more convenience. The new Dinner 2 Lunch program simplifies meal planning.

One of the popular meal planning kits is HelloFresh. This convenient home delivery system offers healthy, fresh curated menus that are easy for the home cook to prepare. With all the prep work done, the home cook can work on enjoying the cooking experience. With the addition of the new plans, Dinner 2 Lunch, menu planning got even easier.

More households are adapting to the idea of cooking once and eating twice. The idea is that the first meal can be easily transformed into a second meal. While the meal isn’t necessarily the exact same, or repeat/leftovers, the second meal uses the same ingredients as the new meal’s base.

The new HelloFresh Dinner 2 Lunch uses that concept of cook once, eat twice. Since some people don’t want leftovers for lunch, these kits transform the same ingredients with adaptable flavors. In just a matter of minutes, last night’s dinner is a whole new delicious meal.

HelloFresh meal planning: Cook once, eat twice with Dinner 2 Lunch, photo provided by HelloFresh

According to Claudia Sidoti, Head Chef and Recipe Developer at HelloFresh, “A few simple twists can easily bring new life to leftovers, adding some variety and freshness back into lunch time.”

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This new Dinner 2 Lunch recipes include Chorizo Beef Chili that transforms to Chili Burrito or Honey Sriracha Pork Chops that transforms into a Bahn Mi Sandwich. The ideas are fairly simple, but the transformations are smart.

The best part about this new meal kit is the bold flavors in the recipes. Instead of using plan roasted chicken, each dish has its own unique flavor and those flavors are bold. For example, the Honey Sriracha Pork Chops are a big flavor. While the spice comes through in the Bahn Mi Sandwich, the eating experience is quite different. The brightness from the herbs and the texture of the bread doesn’t resemble the previous night’s meal.

While some people may not want the same protein two days in a row, the difference in the meal is great enough to not seem repetitious. As long as there isn’t an appearance of boredom, this type of meal planning should be quite successful.

Even more important, this service offers a fresh, better way of eating. Instead of grabbing a quick bite at a fast food restaurant or something from a vending machine, the fresh meal is a better for you option. Since the process is rather easy, the convenience becomes a selling point.

The new HelloFresh Dinner 2 Lunch meal kits are available via the company’s website. The new options do require an additional fee above the regular service.

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Are you a fan of HelloFresh? Do you have a tip for better meal planning or leftovers?