Frozen Treats Forever stamps actually smell like summer treats


With Frozen Treats Forever stamps, you can mail a friend summer treats and never have to worry about those frozen treats melting.

The U.S. Postal Service Frozen Treats Forever Stamps are the first scratch and sniff stamps offered by the Postal Service. Starting June 20, these festive summer inspired stamps will become available. Who’s ready to send some tasty treats?

These stamps feature old school, frozen treat images. Many of us grew up eating these summer treats. From the popular brand to the crazy flavored ones kids crave today, eating frozen treats over the summer is a part of growing up.

Frozen Treats Forever stamps actually smell like summer treats(PRNewsfoto/U.S. Postal Service)

While many people no longer send actual mail, the scratch and sniff stamps are a fun way to rediscover the fun of actually getting paper mail. The question becomes whether the stamps will retain their delicious aroma through the whole deliver process.

In the recent U.S. Postal Service announcement, the smell, of the scratch and sniff stamps, wasn’t unveiled. Looking at the pictures, the potential smells are many. Based on the colors, the potential smells could be chocolate, strawberry, orange, and many more.

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The potential scratch and sniff smell needs to be a pleasant aroma with broad appeal. More importantly, it needs to smell good after going through the whole mailing process. For example, you want an orange smell to be sweet and fresh, not stale and too perfume-like. My guess is that the smell will be orange, which has a rather broad appeal.

Also, it will be interesting to see if the scratch and sniff stamps will smell strong. Could all the mail around those special stamps have the special smell? Maybe that will make those pieces of junk mail seem less annoying.

While this idea is a little gimmicky, it is fun. If the concept can make more people use physical mail, it could be a win for the U.S. Postal service. It might appeal more to the older adults who actually remember scratch and sniff stickers.

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Would Frozen Treat Forever Stamps with its scratch and sniff characteristics make you send some mail? Or, will you just go eat a favorite summer treat?