POWERADE continues Power Within message during the FIFA World Cup


As the FIFA World Cup heats up, POWERADE unleashes its new Power Within commercial. Can you score the winning goal?

POWERADE is continuing its Power Within message with a new commercial airing during the World Cup. The second version of the new POWERADE branding brings back the bodega owner from the March Madness commercial. What power will be unleashed this time?

As excitement grows for the FIFA World Cup, the new POWERADE commercial will surely have fans talking. POWERADE is “Official Sports Drink of the FIFA World Cup.” With that role in mind, it makes sense that the “That’s Some Kind of Power” campaign would make an appearance during the tournament.

Similar to the successful March Madness campaign, this commercial has the bodega owner thinking back about what could have happened in a soccer game. If the owner had that POWERADE, he could have scored the epic, winning goal.

POWERADE Power Within FIFA World Cup commercial, photo provided by POWERADE

Looking at this particular soccer goal, the bodega owner has more than just a “glorious foot.” This type of gigantic move would take extreme power, skill and, maybe a little good fortune. Still, anyone who could make this type of bicycle kick would live on in highlight reels forever. Who wouldn’t want that glorious moment?

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The idea behind this POWERADE campaign is quite appealing to all ages. Aspiring athletes would love the opportunity to achieve their sports goals. Sometimes that boost of confidence is all that these athletes need. In a way, they can unleash the power that is within them. If that sports drink can give a boost of confidence to achieve a goal, why not drink it.

Looking at the bodega owner, no one wants to look back at life and have regret. Again, these commercials are more than just a sports drink promotion. The message appeals to everyone who wants to do more, be better and live life to the fullest. Whether it is on the athletic field, school or just daily action, everyone should want to live their life to the fullest.

The new POWERADE Power Within spot will air in both English and Spanish during specifically targeted, high-profile match-ups on both FOX and Telemundo.

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Are you ready to live up to your fullest potential? Find that Power Within and fuel up with your favorite POWERADE.