Grill a perfect steak every time with this one easy tip


Want to grill a perfect steak? This one easy tip can make anyone into a grilled steak master. Are you ready to tame the flame?

Do you know the secret to grill a perfect steak every time? From chefs to food television to cookbooks, everyone has a special tip, trick or shortcut. It could take months to read all those articles, watch those shows and compile all that information. After a while, you might be left more confused. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Grilling steak does take some patience and knowledge. Understanding temperatures, both the grill itself and the steak temperature is important. If you want a medium rare steak, you don’t want to cook your steak till it is 145 degrees. That temperature shows that the steak is more cooked.

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Also, a super-hot grill might not be the best temperature for your steak. Big flames can cook the outside of the steak too quickly. No one wants an unevenly cooked steak either.

Still, these two items aren’t necessarily the best tip to grilling a perfect steak every time. Other people insist that seasonings are the key to a delicious steak. From just salt and pepper to steak seasonings, everyone has a favorite flavor. While seasonings are necessary for a good steak, it still isn’t the must have tip to a delicious steak.

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The one easy tip to make your steak taste better every time is totally simple. It is called resting. Letting a steak, or actually any meat, rest before cutting it is a must. If you don’t let a steak rest before cutting into it, you will lose all the delicious juices that you worked so hard to create.

Rules about resting a steak vary. Some people say that you should rest a steak for as long as it was cooked. Other rules reference resting for five minutes per each half an inch of steak. Truthfully, a reasonable resting period is all that it necessary.

For the new cook, the idea of resting might be hard. Of course, that juicy steak looks so delicious that you want to devour it right away. Cutting into the steak, straight off the grill is the worst thing that you can do. All the flavor will be a puddle on your plate instead of in your steak.

Also, don’t worry that your steak will be cold if you let it rest. Remember, a protein’s temperature rises, continues to cook, when it is removed from the heat source. Unless you waited an hour to eat your steak, your steak won’t be cold when you eat it.

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Ready to put this easy tip to the test? You too can grill a perfect steak every time when you remember to rest the steak before you cut it. Who’s ready to light up the grill?