Keebler Whoopsy Fudge Stripes cookies are totally fudged


Can you ever have too much fudge? The new Keebler Whoopsy Fudge Stripes cookies are a fudgy dream and you won’t be able to resist them.

When you’re craving fudge, a little taste won’t do. The new Keebler Whoopsy Fudge Stripes cookies are the ultimate fudgy indulgence. These cookies enrobed and dipped in chocolate, fudgy goodness are a dream come true. Don’t try to resist these cookies.

The new Keebler Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes cookies are the brand’s first fully fudged cookie. Available now at various retailers, this cookies transform a classic Keebler cookie into a totally new experience. Who would have thought that the classic Fudge Stripes cookies could get better? Now, fans have an even more decadent cookie option.

Keebler Whoopsy Fudge Stripes are totally fudged, photo by Cristine Struble

While these cookies are a yummy treat on their own, incorporating them into another dessert is quite delightful. For example, adding these cookies to an ice cream milkshake is a totally indulgent dessert. Instead of a traditional cookies and cream, this version becomes a fudgy treat.

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To make this type of milkshake, break the Whoopsy Fudge Stripes into quarters. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into a blender, add milk and mix. Pour the milkshake into a cup and stir in the cookie pieces. You can break the cookie pieces into smaller bites, but I like the bigger cookie bites.

Also, these cookies can make a nice, single bite ice cream sandwich. A small scoop of ice cream in between is a quick, easy summer time dessert. I prefer to make the sandwiches and put them back into the freezer for them to set. This dessert offers a great mix of textures and flavors. It might not be a huge ice cream sandwich but it satisfies that fudge craving.

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Are you ready to get fully fudged? Head to your local retailer to purchase the new Keebler Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes cookies. If you’re a chocolate fan, you might want to get two packages.