McDonald’s Frylus captures the best Quarter Pounder selfies


McDonald’s is back with its latest fry innovation. Frylus ensures your Quarter Pounder selfies are the juiciest yet not messy.

The Frork is so over and the Frylus is the new must have McDonald’s accessory. In honor of National Selfie Day, the iconic fast food giant has come up with the ultimate selfie accessory. Who knew that this accessory is the must have item to pair with the new 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder.

Recently, McDonald’s has reintroduced its classic Quarter Pounder. Now, the classic burger is 100% fresh beef that is cooked when a guest orders. These burgers are juicer than before and guests might get a little messy when biting into the burgers.

McDonald’s Frylus captures the best Quarter Pounder selfies, photo provided by McDonald’s

Since no one wants to get messy fingers on their phones, McDonald’s created a solution for burger selfies. The Frylus is the best way to take the ultimate burger selfie on National Selfie Day. More importantly, fans can get actually get their hands on this burger/social media accessory.

On June 21, National Selfie Day, McDonald’s will be giving away 100,000 Frylus at 2,000+ locations across the U.S. To get a coveted Frylus, guests must purchase one of the fresh 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounders at the participating locations.

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While this new accessory is quite amusing and smart for National Selfie Day, the re-launched Quarter Pounder is a smart move for the iconic fast food brand. Today consumers are wanting better ingredients. Consumers can taste the difference in ingredients. Fresh beef has a different taste and texture. The juicy quality is key to a better burger.

Also, food cooked when guests order is important to the guest experience. Of course, guests want quick service, but they don’t want to sacrifice taste for convenience. When a restaurant can provide quick service and a quality product, everyone wins.

Of course, this fun promotion is entertaining for both brand’s fans and for social media darlings. By incorporating a pop culture star, like Kirby Jenner, McDonald’s broadens its fan base. Instead of the quick family dinner or the expedited lunch, the Frylus promotion turns the Quarter Pounder meal into an experience. Who doesn’t want to be part of the special, coveted promotion and capture the ultimate selfie to share with friends and fans?

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Even if your local McDonald’s doesn’t have the Frylus, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about the National Selfie Day fun. Just make sure that you have a few extra napkins to wipe your hands before touching your phone.