Does America’s Best Firehouse Chili Recipe bring the heat?


What makes the best chili recipe? HORMEL Chili is asking local firefighters to bring the heat in this year’s Best Firehouse Chili Recipe contest.

A chili recipe can be a hotly contested subject. From chili styles to levels of heat, no two chili recipes are the same. Some of the best chili recipes come not from professional chefs, rather they come from everyday heroes, firemen. HORMEL Chili is again asking those brave men and women submit their recipes for the Best Firehouse Chili Recipe.

Last year, HORMEL selected firefighter, Jeremy Chauvin of Edgard, LA, as the winner. His recipe for “Spencer Way” chili honored his late brother, a fellow firefighter. The family recipe had been passed through the family for years. This recipe showed that chili isn’t just a pot of ingredients simmering on a stove. It is a connection to a community, a memory and a legacy.

America’s Best Firehouse Chili Recipe, photo provided by HORMEL Chili

When it comes to chili recipes, there is usually an unknown ingredient that makes the difference. Many people have heard that the love in the pot can make a difference between a memorable, delicious chili and a chili that is just ok. Just like those recipes handed down through the generations, the chili is more than just a bunch of spices in the right ratios. This iconic dish is part nurture and nourishment.

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The HORMEL chili contest celebrates more than just a winning recipe. It celebrates a community who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the safety of others. Last year’s winner celebrated his brother who had died in the line of duty. This year’s contest has HORMEL Chili working with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It will be interesting to hear the story behind this year’s winning chili.

Since any good chili cook-off is more than just an eating extravaganza, HORMEL is bringing the star power to the event. Jason George, star of ABC’s Station 19 will be returning as a judge. Playing a surgeon turned firefighter on the television show, George appreciates the opportunity to highlight the services that firefighter’s provide. “The NFFF does incredible work giving back to the firefighter community, and this contest with the makers of HORMEL® Chili is a great way to raise awareness to their cause and showcase the hidden cooking talents of the guys who risk their lives everyday keeping us safe.”

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Who will have this year’s winning America’s Best Firehouse Chili Recipe? Check back later this year when the winner is revealed. FoodSided will be chatting with the winner and sharing that delicious firehouse recipe. Will you be able to handle the heat?