Great Food Truck Race new season travels to the Wild West


Great Food Truck Race is heading west. The new group of food trucks is ready to conqueror the Wild West but only one food truck will walk away with the prize.

Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race is a favorite food TV show. This season has the seven food trucks heading to the Wild West to achieve their dream of owning a food truck. Which food truck will have a scenic road trip and who will be left in the dust?

According to the Food Network, this season’s food trucks competing for this year’s $50,000 prize are:

Buns ‘n’ Thighs , Chop Shop, Heroes On A Half Shell, Just Wing It, Mobile Moo Shu, New England Grill, and Sassy Soul team members in front of their trucks with host Tyler Florence, as seen on The Great Food Truck Race, Season 9.

"Buns N’ Thighs – Chicago, Illinois (Marla Nones, Victoria Elena Nones, Ian M. Sherwin);Chops’ Shop – Pearland, Texas (Sonia Buckelew, Bryan Soliz, Sandra Soliz);Heroes on a Half Shell – Frederick, Maryland (Clinton Sheron, Danni Sheron, Donna Sheron);Just Wing It – New York, New York (Steven Crowley, Kevin Pettice, Sharon Shvarzman);Mobile Moo Shu – Detroit, Michigan (Michelle Gautier, Chelsea Smith, Marley Vanderbrook);New England Grill – Newport, Rhode Island (Kevin Des Chenes, Christine Hurley, Ed Gallagher) andSassy Soul – Silver Spring, Maryland and Washington D.C. (Lauren Carson, Paris Henry, Parris Jewel)."

In this premiere episode of this season’s Great Food Truck Race, the competitors will have to “create a dish using cuts of beef won in an auction. “ Looking at the list of food trucks, this beef challenge might be more difficult for a few trucks. For example, Heroes on a Half Shell or Just Wing It might be a little out of their comfort zone.

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Since the food trucks only have to add this beef dish to their menu, the teams that are strategic with their menu planning should do well. For example, adding a surf and turf style dish would be a smart idea. Also, building on the flavors from favorite dishes would be smart. No one said that the beef dish has to be completely new; it just has to include a specific beef cut.

Host Tyler Florence, as seen on The Great Food Truck Race, Season 9.

When it comes to this particular cooking competition, the food trucks aren’t just cooking. This competition has a huge business component. The competitors need to know how to plan, purchase and sell food. Cooking a delicious meal doesn’t matter if no one buys the food or thinks the food is too expensive. This food TV show is a good lesson for anyone who thinks that they might want to run a food truck.

Throughout the Wild West season, the food trucks will take on a shrimp dish challenge, a beverage challenge, a visit to Coachella Valley and a Mexican themed challenge. It will be interesting to see how the food trucks can adapt their cuisines within the challenges’ parameters. Hopefully, the food trucks have been watching previous seasons to prepare.

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The new season of Great Food Truck Race will premiere on Thursday, July 26 at 9 p.m. EST on the Food Network.