Jurassic World themed food is stomping over your hunger


Jurassic World themed food has taken over store shelves. You hunger is going to be stomped to oblivion with these pre-historic food offerings.

Jurassic World is stomping into theaters. While the re-birth of the dinosaurs might be fictional, Jurassic World themed food is definitely a reality. From sweet treats to favorite snacks, that dinosaur sized appetite will be tamed with these food offerings.

This summer marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park. While the new movie is its own entity, the franchise has legions of fans. From people who are intrigued by the concept of dinosaurs coming back to life to just movie fans, no one wants the Jurassic fun to end when the credits are over. These themed foods are the perfect way to continue the Jurassic entertainment.

If you are lucky enough to visit either Universal Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood, Jurassic World has invaded the theme parks food offerings. Voodoo Doughnut, the unique doughnut establishment, is offering a special doughnut for the movie release. The Raptor Claw is available at both the Orlando and Hollywood City Walk locations.

Voodoo Doughnut Raptor Claw, photo provided by Universal Orlando

At Voodoo Doughnut in Orlando, the Raptor Claw doughnut is a raspberry jelly filled doughnut with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Similar to the iconic Voodoo Doll, the flavors are classic and the colors are inspired by everyone’s favorite raptor, Blue. Just don’t wait too long to try this doughnut. It will go extinct.

The special theme park food options don’t disappear once you enter the park. Luckily, Universal Islands of Adventure, the Jurassic Park restaurants are offering a Raptor Egg and some dinosaur footprint cookies. The Raptor Egg is a chocolate cake with sweet chocolate chip cream and a white chocolate shell. The egg is nestled in a buttercream.

Jurassic World themed food-

Jurassic Park new cookies and cake new deserts Thunder Falls Islands of adventure, photo provided by Universal Orlando

If you aren’t lucky enough to visit theme parks, don’t fret. As FoodSided previously covered the Jurassic Doritos are invading store shelves. While that single dinosaur-sized chip didn’t get mass reproduction, fans were determined to get their hands on one.

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According to Doritos, the official eBay auction benefitting American Red Cross of Hawaii raised $12,611. That’s right, one person paid over $12,000 for the Jurassic Doritos. It is so amazing to see how food can aid those in need.

Even if you were outbid on that Jurassic Doritos auction, your local store shelves have Jurassic-themed Doritos bags. Why not put a whole plate of Doritos together to make some epic Jurassic nachos for a perfect movie snack.

Jurassic Doritos unleashed to curb dinosaur-sized appetites, photo by Cristine Struble

The Jurassic themed foods aren’t limited to just the snack aisle. Kellogg’s launched limited edition Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes boxes. Sold exclusively on Amazon, these boxes include special features that any movie fan will surely want.

Also, Keebler Fudge Stripes got a Jurassic makeover, too. Even though the Elves were busy at their fudge-filled pop-up in New York City, the cookie packaging got the dinosaur treatment. Don’t worry, the Elves and the dinosaurs made a pact that no one would get harmed in the makeover.

Other candy companies have had a dinosaur invasion. M&Ms and Skittles have received a dinosaur infusion. Kinder Sport even has added some dinosaurs to its prizes. Who doesn’t want candy and a prize?

Lastly, don’t forget Dairy Queen. The Jurassic Chomp Peanut Butter Blizzard is filled with peanut butter bites and fudge. Just don’t use your red spoon to fend off any hungry dinosaurs.

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Is your pre-historic appetite prepared for this Jurassic World themed food? Just don’t wait too long to enjoy them. Just like the dinosaurs, these specials will go extinct.