Nailed It Season 2 returns with more epic baking fails


Nailed It Season 2 is back with more baking fails. Is this Netflix guilty pleasure on your summer binge watch list?

It’s back. Nailed It Season 2 makes any amateur baker feel better about those baking fails. While many of us dream of that Pinterest perfect cake, those images aren’t reality. It takes years of practice and knowledge to make those beautiful cakes and desserts. But, watching these amateur bakers action somehow makes us all feel better.

Nailed It Season 2 premieres on Netflix June 29. Based on the preview video, this season looks to be filled with lots of bad baking. The idea that one baker uses salt instead of sugar is just mind blowing. Sure, we all have mis-measured an ingredient or two. But have you ever substituted salt for sugar?
Nailed It Season 2, photo provided by Netflix
Putting aside that huge ingredient mistake, the decorating requirements aren’t easy. One baker said he needed a cake stapler. In all honesty, creating a multi-tiered cake with fondant is hard. It would be like asking an amateur cook to create a Beef Wellington from scratch having never cooked a steak before.

This type of cooking show makes home cooks feel better about themselves. Everyone has had a baking or cooking fail. Even with recipes that you have made hundreds of times can come out wrong. This type of show celebrates those moments of disaster and makes you feel better about them.

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Cooking and baking shows have become extremely popular. There is something quite satisfying about watching food on television. Whether it is the giant slice of pizza, the gigantic barbecue sandwich or the perfect fried chicken, those food can make us salivate. Even though we will never eat a single bite of the food shown on television, we feel that we are part of the experience.

When it comes to Nailed It, there is something the failure that makes viewers feel better about themselves. The term, schadenfreude means finding pleasure in someone else’s failure or misfortune.
Maybe with this show, viewers are feeling better about their baking, maybe they are happy that they don’t have to taste these confectionary creations or maybe they are just laughing about other people’s failure. No matter the reason, Nailed It is definitely a guilty pleasure.

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Will you be watching Nailed It Season 2? I think that I have to watch at least an episode or two. After all, who doesn’t need a good laugh?