Ultimate Summer Cook-Off comes to Food Network


Food Network is hosting the Ultimate Summer Cook-Off. Which chef has the talent and creativity to be the ultimate winner?

Ultimate Summer Cook-Off is coming to the Food Network. This new culinary competition features six chefs who are battling to be crowned the winner. Hosted by Eddie Jackson, this four episode series focuses on summer favorites. Better not watch this show hungry.

Summer and good food go hand in hand. Whether it is a backyard barbecue to a food road trip, everyone seems hungrier over the summer months. While every region seems to have a favorite summer food, everyone agrees that taste is supreme.
Host Eddie Jackson during the First Heat, Backyard Burger, All American Party, as seen on Ultimate Summer Cook-Off, Season 1.
In this new competition show, each episode features two challenges. The two summer related challenges focus on both creativity and execution. Winning the first challenge earns a chef an advantage in the second round. Can that exclusive, high-end ingredient cooler be the ultimate advantage for a competitor?

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According to the Food Network, the episode features two summer staples, hamburgers and hot dogs. Creating the best backyard burger is a momentous task for any chef. What makes a great burger? Everyone has an opinion, but only the judges’ opinion truly matters.

The second challenge focuses on hot dogs. When it comes to this classic summer food, everyone has an opinion. From ketchup as a condiment to dragging it through the garden, hot dogs can be a quite divisive subject. If a chef can balance the creativity while not losing site of the tradition, that chef should do well.

While these cooking competitions are entertaining, I hope that this program shares some helpful tips. Some of the best parts of the cooking shows are the tips and tricks. Of course, the show needs to be entertaining, but I enjoy the Food Network because I want to be a better, more knowledgeable cook. If I can learn a secret to becoming a better summer cook, I will make sure to watch every episode.

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Ultimate Summer Cook-Off premieres on Food Network August 5. Episodes will air at 8 p.m. EST. Will you be watching this new cooking competition?