Free Honey Nut Cheerios for Amazon Prime Day


Free Honey Nut Cheerios isn’t a joke. Just in time for Amazon Prime Day, you too can get some free cereal.

America’s favorite cereal Honey Nut Cheerios will be free for Amazon Prime Day. Who doesn’t love getting something for free? While a box of cereal may not be a huge expense, it is nice to get a freebie. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this offer?

According to General Mills, the free cereal offer states

"Amazon Prime members who purchase $40 or more on Prime Pantry can add a family-size box of Honey Nut Cheerios to their cart for free and receive $10 off their order. Fans of the honey nut deliciousness can go to this Amazon product page to redeem their free Honey Nut Cheerios. There is a limit of one free box per order."

Now through July 31, Amazon Prime Members Can Get a Free Box of Honey Nut Cheerios (PRNewsfoto/Cheerios)

Buying groceries on Amazon is growing. People enjoy the convenience of shopping from their phone while waiting in carpool lines or watching television at the end of the day. Walking up and down the aisles is tiresome. Schlepping bags in and out of the car is wearisome. Delivery to the front door simplifies the whole process.

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While people can debate the benefits or detriments to online shopping, the truth is that these types of services are here to stay. When a free offer is added to this service, everyone should take advantage of the freebie.

This offer is part of the brand’s mission “to make good go round.” It is refreshing to see a brand looking to spread goodwill to its loyal customers. Even though Cheerios is America’s favorite cereal, the company isn’t just staying stagnant. They are looking to solidify its fandom and even expand it.

There is something about Honey Nut Cheerios that makes it such a popular cereal choice. The cereal has a touch of sweetness yet isn’t overly sugary. Parents feel good about giving kids this cereal for their breakfast. Kids enjoy the flavor. Whether eaten on its own, combined with fruit or even transformed into another meal, Honey Nut Cheerios is part of almost every family’s food story.

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If you are an Amazon Prime member, don’t miss this free cereal offer. My family will be getting ours. After all, it’s almost back to school season and quick, easy breakfasts are around the corner.