Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream, all the indulgence no guilt


Ice cream doesn’t have to be guilty treats. Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream has the delicious indulgence with none of the guilt.

Indulging doesn’t need to come with an apology. Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream satisfies that ice cream craving without making you feel like you need to run a marathon to make up for all those empty calories. From an ice cream sandwich to a scoop from a pint, these ice creams will leave you satisfied and guilt free.

While everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle and to make smart eating choices, life without little indulgences is boring. Sure, everyone knows that kale is great for you, but no one only wants to eat kale the rest of her life. When your body is craving a food, it is better to give into that indulgence in a smart way that to deprive yourself forever. Life is too short to live without those little pleasures.

Finding the right balance can be key to a healthy lifestyle. Sure that insane milkshake that is the size of a basketball looks amazing, but will you be kicking yourself for weeks after eating it? What if you could have the taste of some yummy ice cream, but it wasn’t as full of empty calories?

The new Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream satisfies that craving yet doesn’t come with an extra side of guilt. Available in both ice cream sandwiches and pints, these treats aren’t a mirage in your freezer. I have a box in my freezer right now. Whether it is a celebratory treat after a long week or a treat for my cheat day, these frozen treats work into my eating lifestyle and I don’t feel left out of the fun.
Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream, photo provided by Skinny Cow
The Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream line has two ice cream sandwiches, For the Love of Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Forever, and three pints flavors, Rock On! Rocky Road, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate Cake Me Away. The ice cream sandwiches have 8 grams of protein and 200 calories each while the pints have 400 calories per container and 20 grams of protein.

First, light ice creams and protein ice creams have different textures. Just like the difference between custard, ice cream and ice milk, the fat level changes the texture. This type of ice cream is going to be a little harder. Personally, I like to let is soften for a few minutes before scooping or eating it.

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Actually, the consistency works extremely well if you are looking to enjoy a float. Actually, the peanut butter chocolate served over a glass of cold brew coffee is absolute delightful for summer. Similar to an affogato (usually gelato and espresso), my version is delicious after a summer barbecue. It has all my favorite flavors, chocolate, peanut butter and coffee. Plus, I’m not overindulging and can still do my morning run after eating this dessert.

Also, my whole family enjoys the ice cream sandwiches. The kids think that they vanilla flavor is the best, which I never would have guessed. They though that the vanilla and chocolate was well balanced. The classic ice cream sandwich combination is similar to the flavors that I remember as a kid. Yes, you might have to lick your fingers from the cookie portion, but isn’t that the best part?

For some people, having extra protein in a frozen treat has a big appeal. Many people don’t want empty carbs or extra carbs. As a parent to athletes, the extra protein is helpful to keep their meals balanced. Those active kids, with their growing muscles, can use the extra protein. For me, I don’t know if it was the protein or the sugar levels, but I don’t get the sugar crash after eating these frozen treats. Luckily I don’t get that sugar crash with a side of indulgence guilt after eating these treats.

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The Skinny Cow Protein Ice Cream is available at various retailers. It is part of the brand’s frozen treats line. Flavors and availability can vary by stores.

Are you ready to satisfy that indulgence? Keep a box or a pint of these frozen treats in your freezer and stop sacrificing the frozen desserts that you love.