McDonald’s French fries are even tastier when they’re free


McDonald’s French fries are some of the best tasting French fries. Only one thing can make them better, when they are free!

McDonald’s French fries are joining the National French Fry Day celebration. On Friday, July 13, the fast food giant is joining the food holiday celebration with a special deal. Who’s ready for some free French fries?

According to McDonald’s, the special offer is

"FREE medium fries with any purchase of $1 or more (excluding tax). To get your free McDonald’s fries, download and register for our app, and use it to make your qualifying purchase. Valid at only participating U.S. McDonald’s restaurants. Limit one offer per person per visit. The deal is only valid on Friday, July 13."

McDonald’s French fries, photo provided by McDonald’s

Who can resist McDonald’s French fries? The warm, salty, satisfying French fries are totally addictive. Is there something in those iconic French fries that make them so craveable?

McDonald’s shared some interesting facts about those delicious French fries. Did you know that you can request salt-free fries? Usually, the fries are salted, but McDonald’s is totally willing to make un-salted fries for you.

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Also, those French fries aren’t just one type of potato. The fries are a combination of various Russet potatoes. The different varieties offer that perfect taste and texture that fans have come to expect. Plus, each potato is cut precisely to ¼ inch. How else is each one going to be fluffy on the inside yet perfectly crunchy on the outside?

Lastly, McDonald’s French fries are doubled cooked. This cooking has the fries partially cooked by blanching them. After being dried, the fries are then cooked in a blended oil.

Now, there are many rumors about the ingredients in the oil. Who hasn’t heard about that beef fat flavor? Truthfully, do any of those rumors really matter? Isn’t just a good tasting fry the important fact?

The only question left unanswered is how people enjoy their French fries? Do you eat them by themselves? Do you like ketchup, barbecue sauce, ranch or maybe dip them into a milkshake? As long as the fry is hot and crisp, I’m digging into that red box.

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Are you ready to celebration National French Fry Day? Don’t forget to get your free McDonald’s French Fry offer. Who said that Friday the 13th was unlucky?