Talenti Gelato, taste the craftsmanship in every bite


One spoonful of Talenti Gelato can have you ditching ice cream for this flavorful frozen treat. Time to taste the craftsmanship in every bite.

Talenti Gelato is celebrating its 15th anniversary in a creative way. The brand ,who is committed to craftsmanship and taste, wanted to celebrate its heritage. With the release of three Limited Edition Anniversary pints, everyone has an excuse to indulge in these delicious frozen treats.

Not all frozen treats are the same. The difference between gelato and ice cream is both a texture and an ingredient component. Gelato generally has less fat than a traditional American ice cream. The lower butterfat leads to a more concentrated flavor. Also, this frozen treat has less air in it. The texture is often smoother and it has a denser or richness to it.

Talenti 15th Anniversary Limited-Edition Pints photo provided by Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto

For the company’s 15th Anniversary, Talenti is offering hand-drawn illustrations on three of the brand’s most popular flavors. The three flavors are Talenti Alphonso Mango Sorbetto, Talenti Double Dark Chocolate Gelato and Talenti Madagascan Vanilla Bean Gelato. Whether you enjoy one or all three, this anniversary celebration shouldn’t be overlooked.

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While the beautiful pint artwork is stunning, the gelato is the real draw. First a small geleteria in Dallas, this brand continues its commitment to following the old-world style of gelato making. With the focus on maximizing flavor in small batches, this frozen treat uses quality ingredients that its fans’ appreciate. Those particular ingredients create authentic flavors that can be both tasted and seen.

Known for its clear pint containers, this brand wants its customers to see the beauty and craft behind the dessert. Whether it is a swirl of caramel or the vibrant colors, this gelato is meant to be a feast for all the senses. It can be hard to resist a pint sitting in the freezer.

For this celebration, it is quite interesting that vanilla is one of the more popular flavors. Often, vanilla is thought of as bland and boring. In this situation, vanilla is bursting with nuanced flavor. The Madagascar Vanilla Bean is brimming with clean yet full-bodied flavors. Once you taste this vanilla, it won’t seem boring ever again.

As for the chocolate flavor, chocolate fans will be asking for a second pint. The combination of chocolates makes each bite slightly different. The real flavor punch comes from the touch of vermouth. That slightly sweet, yet botanical flavor, makes for a perfectly balanced bite.

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If you have never tried Talenti Gelato, you should definitely grab a pint, or two. Besides these special anniversary pints, the brand has a wide variety of flavors. There is surely at least a couple that will strike your fancy. I have a pint of Talenti Vanilla Cinnamon and Sea Salt Caramel in my freezer for dessert.