Rosé sorbet is here, get it before it disappears


What’s better than a glass of Rosé, Rosé sorbet of course! Beat the heat with this limited edition frozen treat before it disappears.

Just in time for National Ice Cream Day, Rosé sorbet has appeared to the delight of Rosé fans. This limited edition frozen treat is a collaboration between Angry Orchard and Davey’s Ice Cream. Better stock up before this frozen treat melts into your dreams.

The limited edition collaborative offering is available July 13 through July 15 (National Ice Cream Day). The Rosé froen treats are available in two flavors, Rosé CreamCider and Pine-Apple Hibiscus Rosé Sorbet. These special offerings will be available at three Davey’s Ice Cream locations in New York City and the Angry Orchard in Walden, New York (only on July 15 at this location).

Rosé sorbet is here, get it before it disappears, photo provided by Angry Orchard

For those people lucky enough to enjoy these special Rosé frozen treats, they will experience a delightful flavor experience. The Rosé CreamCider is a grown-up version of a creamsicle. The apple sorbet is swirled into the luscious, vanilla ice cream. The combination is refreshing yet totally decadent.

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The Pine-Apple Hibiscus Rosé Sorbet is tropical dream in a bowl. Blending pineapple, one of the season’s hottest flavors, with the floral notes of hibiscus is quite refreshing. Add the sweetness from the cider and the sorbet has you feeling the refreshing, tropical breezes.

According to Ryan Burk, head cider maker at Angry Orchard, We are always looking for refreshing and unexpected ways for drinkers to enjoy cider.” For this limited edition offering, the brand combined “the essence of our Rosé cider in the form of a cool treat and found a great partner in Davey’s, whose passion for innovative and unique ingredients resonates in each of the recipes we’ve crafted together.”

While this offering is a promotion for National Ice Cream Day, fans can only hope that this offering, or a similar one, could happen again. Although these flavors are summer focuses, the bright cider beverage could work with other ice cream pairings. After all, Rosé season never ends.

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If you are lucky enough to be in the New York City area, don’t miss the opportunity to try this limited edition Rosé sorbet infused frozen treats. You might want to stock the freezer before they disappear.