Impossible Burger set to rock Live Nation venues


Ready to taste the Impossible Burger? The infamous plant-based burger is coming to concert spaces across the U.S. and is ready to rock.

The Impossible Burger is changing how people think about plant-based food. Now, when fans go to see their favorite performer at a Live Nation venue, this food option will be on the menu. The menu change reflects Live Nation’s commitment to “enhance the fan experience” with a more climate-friendly menu.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Impossible Burger, actually the line of Impossible Foods, is a plant-based meat alternative. While it looks, smells and tastes like red meat, it contains no meat products. As consumers are becoming more educated about food, its environmental impact and dietary implications, plant-based alternatives are growing in popularity.

Impossible Burger set to rock Live Nation venues, photo provided by Live Nation

This new menu offering will be available at 37 Live Nation owned and operated amphitheaters. The addition of this plant-based menu item continues Live Nation’s decision to incorporate responsible food sourcing. “Since 2014, Live Nation has sourced only humanely raised meats and locally grown produce for our amphitheaters.”

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While this plant-based burger will be on the menu, it is unclear how the burgers will be served. During the annual National Restaurant Show, I had the opportunity to try Impossible Foods various offerings. While the burger does taste, smell and resemble cow meat, it does take on other flavor profiles well.

For example, Impossible Foods work well as a taco. With Mexican spices and a delicate crema, the flavor and texture of the meat is just as satisfying as traditional red meat. More importantly, a slider, especially the one that I had with Asian slaw, was quite flavorful and satisfying.

Hopefully the Live Nation Venues will be creative when adding these burgers to the menu. While people enjoy a good, traditional style burger, that item shouldn’t be the only option. From a barbecue style to international flavors, the possibilities are many.

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Are you ready to rock an Impossible Burger at your next concert? Once you taste this plant-based alternative, you might change your perspective of what’s impossible.