Chicago hotspots toast National Tequila Day with extraordinary tequila cocktails


Ready to celebrate National Tequila Day? These Chicago hotspots will be serving some extraordinary tequila cocktails for the food holiday.

Chicagoans are ready to celebrate National Tequila Day. Which tequila cocktails will you enjoy on July 24? The cocktail options are many. With these cocktails, the tequila celebration doesn’t have to be limited to just the food holiday. Why not start celebrating today?

While many people will choose to celebrate tequila holiday with a margarita or maybe a Paloma, these Chicago hotspots have some creative cocktails featuring tequila. From a little spice to seasonal ingredients, these cocktails will bring a whole new appreciation for the agave spirit.

Check out these eight Chicago hotspots that are serving some amazing tequila cocktails.

Tequila cocktails, Margarita Oscuro , photo provided by Upstairs at The Gwen

Upstairs at The Gwen Margarita Oscuro

Ready to sip on the dark side? This tequila cocktail features activated charcoal. With mole bitters and muddled jalapeño, this cocktail offers layers of nuanced flavors. Don’t be afraid of the dark; it is time to embrace it.

Tanta – El Chingon

Ready to embrace the heat? This jalapeno-infused tequila has an extra boost of heat from the rocoto pepper ice ball. As you drink the cocktail, the heat continues to build. With a hint of smoke, this cocktail is definitely a tequila experience.

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Cindy’s – Siempre, Si.

Are you ready to say, “always, yes” to this tequila cocktail? The Siempre, Si is a spicy, yet sweet version of a margarita. Featuring the summer’s trending flavor, pineapple, this cocktail is a refreshing sipper on a hot day.

The Lobby Lounge at JW Marriott Chicago – Fresa Rhu

Seasonal rhubarb makes is ripe flavor the focus of this tequila cocktail. Paired with a little strawberry agave, this cocktail channels a favorite summer pie. Don’t worry about it being too sweet. A hint of lime adds a touch of brightness too.

Arbella – Trankilo Melón

This tequila cocktail uses Thai chili dimmi and other herbs to make an unusual cocktail. Similar to other playful Arbella cocktails, this tequila sipper is definitely one to try.

Chef’s Margarita, photo provided by I|O Godfrey

I|O Godfrey Chef’s Margarita

What makes this margarita special? The signature kitchen cocktail has some habanero salt air foam. How can you resist a pretty cocktail with this special garnish? Also, this cocktail can be served in a large format for sharing.

Travelle Kitchen + Bar The Midnight Train to Portland

Who needs a pick me up? This tequila cocktail could be a jet-lag remedy or just a bright spot after a long night out. With espresso tequila, that jolt of energy might be the great way to start an eventful evening.

LH Rooftop Spicy Paloma

Why not enjoy a large format cocktail for National Tequila Day? LH Rooftop Spicy Paloma serves 10 people. Grab some friends and enjoy this grapefruit and lime cocktail.

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How will you be celebrating National Tequila Day? What are your favorite tequila cocktails? Share your ideas below or tag us on social media using #FoodSided.