Foodie travelers rank this food experience best in the world


Foodie travelers are planning their next getaway. Are you ready to go to this food experience that is ranked best in the world?

What food experience is ranked best in the world? Foodie travelers often plan their next big vacation around food. World class restaurants, celebrity chefs and one of a kind foods often direct a foodie’s vacation. But, have you heard of this best food getaway?

In the soon to be released book, Ultimate Eats: The World’s Top 500 Food Experiences…Ranked, the best food destination in the world is San Sebastián’s old town. Apparently, eating pintxos while walking the grid of narrow streets is a foodie’s dream. Are you familiar with this food destination?

First, San Sebastian is located in the Basque region of Spain. The area is filled with history and culture. Also, many tourists visit the beautiful beaches. But, foodies head to this Spanish region to eat.

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San Sebastian is home numerous Michelin star restaurants. Also, it is home to several of the top restaurants in the world in other publication rankings. For foodies, this destination is a culinary dream.

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Pintxos are a bar like snack, somewhat related to tapas. These Basque tapas are often referred to as miniature cuisine. Each plate is a small sample of food, which is generally served with drinks. Many bars in the Old Quarter serve these pintxos.

The experience of eating pintxos in these bars is quite different than a traditional American bar. The dishes are often sitting on the bar, versus ordering from a menu. While there are hot and cold options, patrons just take the dishes directly from the bar itself. The idea is to enjoy a small bite while drinking.

Usually, people eat a few bites and then continue onto another location. This experience isn’t about hording a huge plate of food. Instead, it is best to sample a bite or two and move into the next location. It is similar to a pub or bar crawl with delicious bites along the way.

While this food experience was ranked best by Lonely Planet, it is only one of 500 food experiences across the globe. As foodie travelers become more prevalent and vocal, food is driving traveling decisions. All that delicious food is as much part of the area’s culture as is the museums, natural wonders and attractions. Just like family food memories, those dishes and cuisines blended with the surroundings make for a lasting memory.

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What is your favorite food experience while traveling? Are you one of the foodie travelers that is part of this travel trend? Tag #FoodSided on social media and show us your favorite dish from your last trip.