5 school lunch hacks that will have kids loving back to school


The school bells are starting to ring. These five school lunch hacks will make kids and parents excited to pack that lunch box.

School lunch can become a chore. From the same, tired sandwich to smooshed food, kids and parents can become to dread that mid-day meal. With a few clever school lunch hacks, everyone will be excited to open that lunch box every school day.

Heading back to school can be a difficult transition for both kids and parents. From busy days to extra activities, free time is at a premium. Hacks, especially hacks that help simplify any back to school transition, can make a family seem less stressed.

Recently, Hormel compiled a list of school lunch hacks to help families. From picky eaters to avoiding boredom, these simple hacks can make lunchtime more enjoyable. While these tricks were meant for school, many of these tips work in any situation. Maybe parents could enjoy a little fun in their work lunch, too.

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1. Peanut Butter Sandwiches

So many kids insist on eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. While it is a favorite, no one wants a soggy sandwich. To avoid jelly making the bread soggy, place peanut butter on both sides of the bread. The peanut butter will keep the jelly from soaking through the bread. Now, the only problem is keeping the jelly from spilling on your shirt.

2. Bread is boring, cut it up

Why serve another boring, traditionally shaped sandwich. Take some cookie cutters and make some shapes. From a simple heart to a start, the ideas are many. Several companies offer a puzzle style cookie cutter to simplify the process. Plus, bread isn’t the only option for lunch. For example, waffles can be a fun substitute for plain bread.

Also, you can serve these sandwich shapes on a stick or straw. When food is served on a stick, it somehow is just better. Who knew that a flavorless object could make a regular sandwich taste so much better?

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3. Food as an ice pack

Keeping school lunches cool until the food is eating is very important. In addition to ice packs, why not use the food itself to keep everything cold. For example, freeze a guacamole pack or a yogurt tube. By lunchtime, the food will defrost, but it will help to keep the lunchbox cool.

4. Write a message

Some school days can be a little more challenging than others. Send the kids a note in their lunch. There are many ways to bring a smile to their faces. Hide a note, add a smiley face or just include something silly. That little piece of happiness could make a world of difference.

5. Keep it separate

There is nothing worse than bruised fruit, broken sandwich or chip crumbles in a lunch box. Keeping everything in its place is important. If the lunch box doesn’t have a way to divide the food, think of another solution. Silicone muffin liners are a great option.

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These are just five easy school lunch hacks. Do you have a great back to school tip? Share your idea, tip or hack with FoodSided. Tag us on social media with #FoodSided.