Are food halls replacing food trucks as top choices for foodies?


Everywhere you turn, food halls are opening across the nation. Will foodies be flocking to these locations over food trucks?

Food halls are becoming more common in cities and even hotels. In other countries, the food hall has been a popular concept. While America embraced the idea of food trucks over the past several years, currently food halls are becoming increasingly popular. Could this new foodie push leave food trucks in the dust?

For a while, food trucks have captured foodie’s interesting. These mobile, pop-up restaurants offered a special niche in the food world. Many food trucks offer specific, limited options. From chicken wings to grilled cheese, these chefs capture a particular craving.

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Also, food trucks sometimes offer a glimpse into non-traditional cuisines. From a Korean-taco fusion to vegan specific, the unusual offerings made new foods more approachable. Thee food trucks often opened people’s palates.

While food trucks will never go away, food halls are becoming increasingly popular. While often seen in Europe, more and more cities are adding this type of food venue. In this setting, foodies have elevated choices in a single setting.

Just looking at Chicago, the food hall has taken over the culinary landscape. Even Willis Tower is getting a food hall. Foodies are appreciating the variety of food choices throughout the city.

Even more telling is that successful chefs and restaurants are embracing this trend. Several celebrated chefs have locations at these establishments. Just look at Revival Food Hall. It is filled with amazing food options by some of the best chefs in the city.

Urban Pantry, Paella, Aventura Hotel, photo by Cristine Struble

As cities see the popularity of the food hall grow, hotels are embracing the concept. In the recently opened Aventura Hotel, a Loews Hotel located on Universal Orlando Resort property, its main dining option is a food hall. Urban Pantry channels that European food hall vibe.

Looking at the four food options at Urban Pantry, diners have extreme diversity in their food choices. From Asian inspired bowls to Neapolitan style pizza, everyone can be satisfied. More importantly, these food options haven’t been dumbed down for the food hall. The flavor profiles, ingredients and presentations are just as elevated as a sophisticated restaurant.

Beyond the food draw of a food hall, the community aspect is equally appealing. For example, at Urban Pantry, large communal tables encourage people to sit together. Why you might not know your dining companions, everyone has a common conversation over food. From gawking at fellow diners choices to chatting about your favorite theme park ride, the food hall embraces the idea that food can bring people together.

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