Pizza fries are the perfect combination of two favorite foods


When you are craving pizza and fries, the perfect solution is pizza fries. If you haven’t had this epic combination, you are missing out.

Have you ever thought about combining your favorite foods? Pizza fries are a just that epic combination. Who would have thought that two iconic foods would make for an even more crave-worthy bite. Get your forks ready.

During Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando, I had the opportunity to try pizza fries. Tucked into the kid area, by the E.T. Ride, this “frankenfood” style food can be a Halloween Horror Nights tradition. Listening to numerous guests, this annual tradition is a must eat for many people. Maybe people need a little extra substance when they are running from chainsaw wielding clowns.

Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Orlando, photo by Cristine Struble

This dish is relatively simple. It has pizza sauce, fries and it topped with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and sausage. Basically, the dough is swapped for fries and you really need a fork to enjoy it property. If you get the perfect bite of all the ingredients together, your taste buds will forget about all the screams and frights from the haunted houses.

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While many people will be flocking to the Stranger Things themed food and the specialty cocktails, these pizza fries were the most comforting choice of the evening. Maybe the frights made this dish more satisfying, but the dish definitely made an impression.

Since Halloween Horror Nights is only around for a limited time, I wanted to try to figure out my own recreation to enjoy throughout the year. With all the ingredients in front of me, I can recreate my own version at home. Truthfully, it is rather easy (don’t tell Universal).

The key to this dish is the ratio of sauce, cheese and fries. Fries that have become soggy from too much sauce isn’t tasty. Think of this dish like an Italian style poutine. Don’t over sauce the dish. Also, I would recommend small sized pepperoni slices and sausage pieces. Lastly, a finely grate mozzarella helps to get the melted, gooey texture that is absolutely scrumptious.

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Have you tried the pizza fries at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights? What is your favorite dish at this year’s event? Share your photos with us by tagging #FoodSided.