Silpat Perfect Baking Molds will make holiday baking a breeze


Already thinking about holiday baking? The new Silpat Perfect Baking Molds will make the home baker feel like an expert pastry chef.

Are you excited about holiday baking? Maybe baking is your passion, form of relaxation or hobby. All that baking just got even easier. Silpat has always been a favorite kitchen essential for bakers. The new Silpat Perfect Baking Molds will make home baking even easier.

Anyone who bakes understands that a nonstick surface is essential for better baking. No one wants to spend hours perfecting the perfect cake, muffin or cookie only to have it stick to the baking pan. All that time and care is wasted. While greased pans or wax paper can be useful, a nonstick, silicone surface can be more efficient.

Silpat has been a kitchen essential for all levels of bakers and cooks. From the home cook to the professional kitchen, these silicone coated mats have come in all shapes and sizes. While typically used for baking, Silpat has a variety of uses in the kitchen. From chocolate to even potatoes, these silicone mats have a lot of versatility.

Silpat Perfect Baking Molds, Madeline shape, photo provided by Silpat,

Over the years, Silpat has evolved the plain, iconic baking mat into something more. Some Silpat designs have guides pre-printed on them. Pretzel shapes, macaroon shapes and a variety of other shapes help the home baker easily prepare her baked goods. The simplicity helps the home baker gain confidence in her baking skills.

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The new line of Perfect Baking Molds solves a baking concern. Mini baked goods can be more difficult to bake well, like avoiding the baked good sticking to the pan. These new baking molds focus on several shapes that are often more likely to stick to the pan.

These baking molds are used in conjunction with a 13×18 standard half-size baking pan. Similar to the traditional Silpat, these molds are placed onto a traditional baking pan. Available in five shapes, Mini Loaf, Mini Fluted Cake, Mini Muffin, Classic Muffin and Madeleine. Each baking mold is available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma and is sold $49.99.

As home bakers start planning all the holiday baking, these new baking molds can be used in a variety of ways. While the sweet application is apparent, the Mini Loaf and Mini Muffin molds could be used in savory applications. From a quiche to even a small meatloaf, this molds don’t have to be used just for baking.

Since Silpat has been a trusted kitchen essential, cooks familiar with this product will be drawn to these new products. Based on a Silpat video, these new baking molds easily release food. There is no need for greasing or other lining. In addition, the resulting bake appears perfect.

While some bakers might not appreciate the $49.99 price tag, these baking molds should last for a long time (as long as they are treated properly). I have had one regular Silpat for more than five years. My Silpats have lasted longer than some of my baking pans. Personally, I think that these baking molds will be worth the investment.

Are you looking forward to holiday baking? Do you own a Silpat or will you consider buying some of the Silpat Perfect Baking Molds?