IHOP travels to Whoville with its Grinch inspired menu

IHOP is introducing a Grinch inspired menu ahead of the highly anticipated holiday movie. Are you hungry for this holiday inspired treats?

A Grinch inspired menu is coming to IHOP just in time for the holidays. While Whoville might still be far away, these sweet holiday treats might just melt your heart. From whimsical colors to sugary creations, this special limited edition menu shouldn’t be missed.

Now through December 31, the Grinch inspired menu will feature a variety of both sweet and savory menu items. These festive dishes could get everyone in the holiday spirit. Just don’t be afraid of the brightly colored plates.

Featured on this menu are the following dishes: Grinch’s Green Pancakes, Minty Who Hot Chocolate, Who-Roasted Beast Omelette, Whoville Holiday Cheesecake French Toast, Mt. Crumpit Kids Combo and Young Grinch Minty Who Hot Chocolate (the last two are kids’ menu only items).



The most interesting menu item is definitely the Whoville Holiday Cheesecake French Toast. Made with King’s Hawaiian rolls, this dish has a big sweet factor. While the creamy cheesecake filling has a little bite, the dish is quite hearty and sweet.

While I have never thought to make French Toast with King’s Hawaiian, I think that I might have to borrow this idea for the holidays. What better way to use up all those rolls from the holiday dinners.

Most of the dishes have a green reference to the Grinch. While some of the dishes just have green coloring, a few options have the green mint flavor that is often associated with the holidays. It will be interesting to see how strong that mint flavor is in these dishes.

Of course, this special menu is tied to the movie promotion. Still, the idea could bring families around the table. What kid doesn’t want to eat green pancakes? If those pancakes can cause a family to eat together, put down their phones and have a conversation, isn’t that scenario a good thing?

Whether you head to IHOP for this Grinch inspired menu, watch the new movie or create a version of these holiday treats at home, the hope is to remember that the holidays are a special time. From gathering with families to sharing some good cheer, should we all remember the point of the movie and find some goodness this holiday season?