Pizza Hut introduces a pizza making truck and your tailgate just got better

A pizza making truck? Yes, Pizza Hut has just unveiled this epic Toyota Tundra truck and your next tailgate event just got tastier.

Pizza making truck? It isn’t just a tailgate fantasy or a figment of pizza fan’s imagination. Pizza Hut partnered with Toyota on this pizza marvel. The Tundra PIE Pro is a mobile pizza factory. Yes, hot, fresh pizza on the go is a pizza reality.

Unveiled at Toyota’s 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show presentation, the Tundra PIE Pro is more than just a pizza machine. It combines a zero emission, efficient truck with mobile pizza making. While it may not be parked in your driveway, the concept is quite tasty.

Having hot, fresh pizza delivered where and when you want it is important to consumers. Everyone has seen the pizza fails. From cold pizza boxes to the cheese stuck to the cardboard, these pizza fails are utter disappointment. With this system, there is no pizza delivery fail.


Pizza Hut’s Tundra PIE Pro, pizza making truck, photo provided by Pizza Hut


Additionally, some events are better with hot, fresh pizza. Who hasn’t seen a food truck or a pizza oven at a festival and craved that fresh from the oven taste? With this pizza truck, that fresh pizza craving can be easily satisfied.

According to Pizza Hut, this truck with its “Kitchen” can make hot, fresh pizza in six to seven minutes. The robotic device completes every step from start to finish. Just think about how many hungry pizza fans could devour a Pizza Hut pizza with this special delivery unit.

The Tundra PIE Pro focuses on an interesting idea. More and more consumers are focused on convenience. From quick and easy meal prep to grab and go options, products are becoming more simplified. Still, the desire to have freshly made food is important. This concept satisfies both components.

While Pizza Hut says that this pizza making truck helps to expand its delivery options, it could be a fun promotional item at tailgates. As the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, think about having a fleet of these trucks at NFL stadiums. Add to that idea revival trucks (labeled with the two competing teams which a special pizza having a pizza competition. Could the Steelers pie outsell the rival Bills pizza? Would those orders influence the decision on the field?

The options for this pizza making truck are many. It will be curious to see where it rolls out soon. More importantly, what Pizza Hut pizza would you order from it?