New Honey Nut Frosted Flakes, adding sweet greatness to your cereal bowl


New Honey Nut Frosted Flakes will having fans feeling great about filling their cereal bowl. With a touch of nutty sweetness, mornings are looking brighter.

Honey Nut Frosted Flakes will be hitting store shelves in January 2019. This newest flavor to the Frosted Flakes line gives cereal fans another option for their morning cereal. While the classic, original Frosted Flakes are still great, this new option could become a new favorite.

According to Kellogg, the new Honey Nut Frosted Flakes is made with blend of real honey, brown-butter notes and a nutty flavor. Honey is becoming a popular choice with consumers. While still sweet, honey offers a more subtle touch to food. Combining that flavor with brown-butter highlights the nut flavors. Brown butter has an inherent nutty quality. This flavor should have a lovely balance.

New Honey Nut Frosted Flakes, coming in January 2019, photo provided by Kellogg’s

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This new Frosted Flakes flavor joins original, Cinnamon and Chocolate flavors. The expansion beyond the classic flavor shows that people want the familiar but don’t want the brand to be stagnant. The new flavors aren’t too far removed from the classic favorite flavor. Fans are willing to try the new flavors because they know it will be similar to the cereal that they love.

Personally, some of the most exciting ways to start a morning is by combining a few of the flavors into one cereal bowl. The combination of Chocolate and classic Frosted Flakes is quite delicious. Even more fun, Frosted Flakes makes a great addition to a milkshake. I can’t wait to see how the new flavor works in a cereal milkshake.

Honey and nut are popular cereal flavor combinations. The flavor appeals to a broad audience. From the younger cereal fan who wants sweetness to an older fan who wants a more rounded flavor, this choice makes everyone happy in a household.

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Will you be buying a box of Honey Nut Frosted Flakes when it hits store shelves in January 2019? There is some room on my pantry for a box.