Cocktail gardening adds freshness and sustainability to cocktails


Cocktail gardening is the newest food trend in cocktails. Can these fresh, home grown ingredients be the flavor boost that you’ve been wanting?

Cocktail gardening is the newest way to update your favorite libation. Food trends aren’t just limited to the kitchen. The bar is joining many of the current food trends, specifically sustainability and mindful living. Adding fresh ingredients, especially home grown ingredients, is the perfect way to elevate your favorite cocktail.

Home gardening isn’t just limited to Ina Garten’s expansive home estate. Even the smallest New York City apartment can have its own little home grown patch of freshness. Whether you use a Hydropod or other small growing system, fresh herbs can brighten up both your home and cocktail.

The use of fresh ingredients offers a big boost of flavor. Those fresh herbs and ingredients, with just a little touch, enhance any beverage or dish. The flavor is clean and bold. Something that a pre-made or pre-packaged ingredient cannot offer.

More consumers want to see transparency and clean ingredients in their foods. Growing your own foods, even just herbs, means that you know how and where that ingredient was grown. There is a sense of mindfulness not just in the use but also in the growing.

To celebrate the cocktail gardening trend, Ketel One Vodka has created two cocktails that celebrate this cocktail garden trend. The Ketel One Vodka Thai Dream and Ketel One Vodka’s Garden of Green celebrate these fresh ingredients.

Ketel One Vodka’s Thai Dream, photo provided by Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One Vodka’s Thai Dream

Purple basil isn’t just visually impressive but it is also quite flavorful. This Ketel One Vokda cocktail has a very complex layering of flavors. From the spiciness to the ginger to the pungent licorice of anise, this cocktail is definitely a slow sipper that will keep you guessing after each sip.

"Ketel One Vodka’s Thai DreamMakes 1Ingredients• 2 oz. Ketel One Family-Made Vodka• .75 oz. Purple Basil Honey Water*• .75 oz. Lime juice• 6 Leaves Fresh Purple Basil• Soda WaterMethod• Add first four ingredients into a tin, shake and add a splash of soda water.• Pour contents into a highball glass over ice and garnish with fresh purple basil, marigold and baby borage.• *Steep basil in 2:1 water to honey mixture until color extracted and honey dissolves."

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Ketel One Vodka’s Garden of Green

Who said that green drinks are limited to a morning pick me up? Why not add some green vegetables and herbs to your evening libation? The brightness in color is complemented by the brightness in flavor. More importantly, each sip is light and refreshing. Maybe you won’t skip your morning workout.

"Ketel One Vodka’s Garden of GreenMakes 1Ingredients:• 1.5 oz. Ketel One Family-Made Vodka• 5 Leaves Apple Mint• .5 oz Snap Pea Reduction*• .5 oz Lemon juice• Splash of Soda Water• Small Handful Micro Mizuna• *Either juice the peas or blend with water and then fine strainMethod• Tear apple mint leaves and throw in a mason jar.• Add all ingredients except the soda water and ice and cap the jar. Shake vigorously.• Open and top with a splash of soda water.• Garnish with micro mizuna and serve directly from Mason jar."

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Are you ready to try your hand at cocktail gardening? What fresh ingredients do you use in your favorite cocktail?