Panera’s new vegan soup is bursting with flavor


Panera’s new vegan soup is the first new soup to the restaurant’s menu in three years. Are you ready to try a soup that is bursting with vegetables?

Vegan soup has come to Panera’s menu. The first new soup in three years, Ten Vegetable Soup, is bursting with vegetables. The hearty, flavorful soup will have everyone wanting to keep that healthy eating resolution.

Vegan doesn’t have to be a bad food word. When done well, vegan meals can be more flavorful than a meal filled with meat or dairy. Panera’s new soup can make even the most devoted carnivore to rethink the vegan way of eating.

The Ten Vegetable Soup is a very hearty soup. Overflowing with vegetables, this soup definitely adheres to the idea of eating the vegetable rainbow. From colorful peppers to sweet carrots and bright Swiss chard, the layers of flavors are intense. This vegetable soup will have you rethinking that old school soup that grandma makes.

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A couple ingredients in this particular soup are quite interesting. First, the use of poblano peppers are quite nice. When trying to eat healthier, one of the biggest items to remember is bold flavors. Heat and acid can help add flavor without adding salt or sugar. Additionally, that spice can help aid the feeling of satisfaction.

When served, the soup is topped with a lemon wheel. Lemon is a lovely choice to keep the sodium levels low but not reducing the flavorful components of the soup. It is a simple idea that more soups should employ.

Additionally, the grains use in this soup are on trend. From black chia to wheatberries, the nutritional density of this soup is amazing. While called Ten Vegetable Soup, it could be called superfoods and  vegetable soup.

The biggest surprise with this soup is the calorie count. With only 100 calories, this soup definitely keeps that healthy eating on track. Filled with protein and low in fat, there is nothing guilty about this bowl of soup.

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Have you tried the Panera’s new vegan soup? Could this new soup have you re-thinking a meatless meal?