Brett Azar, Worst Cooks In America contestant, does some heavy lifting in the kitchen


Brett Azar is a contestant on this season’s Worst Cooks in America. Can this Food Network program turn this chiseled bodybuilder into a seasoned cook?

Are you watching this season of Worst Cooks in America? Brett Azar has surely made an impression with fans of this Food Network show. This “Young Terminator” has the muscle build to smash any contestant in the kitchen. Unfortunately, his cooking skills were in need of some definite attention.

As a member of Anne Burrell’s team, Azar seems to have some promise in the kitchen. While his fabulous physique shows his dedication in the gym, Azar appears to want ultimate Food Network glory. Can this body builder prove that muscle guys are more than just boring chicken breast and broccoli in the kitchen?

If you have been watching the first couple of episodes of Worst Cooks in America, Bret Azar has eluded to his screen work. Sometimes dubbed as the Young Terminator, he has started in Terminator Genisys and other films. His physique can definitely be intimidating in the kitchen. But, can his cooking skills be equally impressive?

In the first couple of episodes, Azar has seemed to coin the phrase, #MiseEnPlaceMuscle. This phrase is such a smart choice for him and viewers. Hopefully, Azar can prove in this season that muscular, fit people enjoy flavorful, nuanced food. It isn’t all about boring, bland salads and chicken.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Brett Azar about his experience on Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America.

Cristine Struble: Why did you choose to try out for Worst Cooks in America?

Brett Azar: I’m a big fan of Worst Cooks in America. All of Food Network shows really. But I saw JWoww win it one season and always wanted to be on it since.

CS: What was the worst kitchen disaster that you have ever had?

BA: I fell asleep boiling eggs. The water evaporated. The eggs literally blew up. I woke up to thick black smoke through the whole house and eggs that sounded like gunshots…

CS: What kitchen skill do you think will be most helpful to improve your cooking?

BA: Hopefully how not to cook meat that’s as dry as sandpaper.

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CS: As a body builder, how important are smart food choices to maintaining your health/physique?

BA: It’s the most important. No matter how much time spent in the gym if you don’t have the right nutrition to support your muscle it’s pointless.

CS: Sometimes people think healthy food is bland, has the show changed your perspective on flavor?

BA: Spices and healthy fats make a huge difference!!!! So so so much more enjoyable without sacrificing healthiness.

CS: What is your go-to meal on cheat day?

BA: I like a whole mix of things. Popcorn, muffins, donuts, ice cream all are go to’s probably all in one sitting too…. anything sweet and buttery would be acceptable…haha.

CS What advice would you give a “bad” cook who is looking to improve her skills?

BA Learn to love the preparation. When you enjoy making it and love the process, it really does make for better tasting food.

Azar really showed that he wants to be a better cook. While this Food Network show is entertaining, there are many skills that both contestants and home cooks can learn from these episodes. Whether it is better preparation, #MiseEnPlaceMuscle, or smarter cooking choices, anyone and everyone can become a better cook.

While I do not know how Azar fares in this season of Worst Cooks in America, I wish him well in the Food Network competition. Don’t miss another episode on Food Network New episodes air on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

Thank you to Brett Azar for taking the time to speak with me and best of luck on this season of Worst Cooks in America.

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