My/Mo Mochi ice cream triple layer is three times delicious


Are you a fan of Mochi ice cream? The new My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Triple Layers offers three times the deliciousness.

Mochi ice cream isn’t your typical ice cream. While ice cream is always a popular treat, this particular style of frozen treat has become even more popular. My/Mo Mochi combines mochi dough with premium ice cream. But, this new triple layer version offers even more deliciousness. With a taste bud center, this frozen delight is even more craveable.

According to a sales retail company, “Mochi Ice Cream is now the fastest growing segment of the Frozen Novelty Market.” This style of ice cream appeals to consumers for a couple of reasons. First, these treats are small and pop-able. Whether you take one bite or two, the small size frozen treat curbs a sweet craving without over indulging.

Second, these frozen treats offer a combination of textures. While the mochi dough is soft and pillowy, it does have a different texture from the ice cream. The combination of textures tends to satisfy more than just ice cream on its own.

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Lastly, the mochi layer adds another flavor layer to an ice cream treat. In many cases, that mochi layer can be a non-traditional ice cream flavor combination. From fruit to green tea, the flavors can elevate the ice cream in a new and different way.

Now available, the new My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Triple Layers offers even more flavor combinations giving fans even bigger “wow” flavor experiences. While these ice cream treats are meant to be portion controlled bites, it can be hard resisting a second or third one.

The new My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Triple Layer comes in the following flavors, Chocolate Sundae, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Blueberry, Dulce de Leche and S’mores. These new flavors show the variety and versatility of this frozen treat.

The key to this ice cream treat is the taste bud center. While it might not seem like a huge deal, that flavor center is the hidden surprise that you just can’t resist. It offers a big burst of flavor that you didn’t know that you wanted or needed.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste test these new ice cream treats. While all five flavors are delicious, two flavors became my instant favorite. First, the chocolate sundae is all the flavors of an old fashioned ice cream sundae in a single bite, no spoon required. The cherry center is sweet but not overly so. The chocolate mochi dough is rich and the perfect balance to the vanilla bean ice cream. If you want an ice cream sundae in a bite, this mochi is it.

My second favorite flavor is the dulce de leche. While dulce de leche is often more caramel forward, this flavor brings a richness from the coffee ice cream. For caramel latte fans, this ice cream treat is a frozen bite of your favorite morning beverage. Not too sweet, the flavor is satisfying and a perfect way to end a meal.

Truthfully, all the flavors are quite enjoyable. Since these frozen treats are small, little bites, they make a nice dessert after a special meal. Sometimes ice cream can be too messy to serve a big table, these little frozen treats can be easily served.

More importantly, the mochi ice cream can be paired with flavors from a meal. For example, if you want a blueberry dessert, but don’t want to bake a blueberry pie, the vanilla blueberry has all those flavors in a convenient way. This dessert could be the star of your next dinner.

The same idea can be said for the s’mores flavor. No one wants to sit outside by the fire in the dead of winter. The smore’s has all those flavors conveniently in your home freezer.

The My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Triple Layer will be available at various retailers. Prices and availability will vary.

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Are you ready to try the three time more delicious frozen treat? My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Triple Layer will excite your taste buds.