Walmart scores with an MVP snack spread for the Big Game


Preparing your MVP snack spread? With a little help from Walmart, all your guests will be celebrating the food table, not just those tasty commercials.

What is on your MVP snack spread? That Most Value Party snack table needs to be filled with delicious, tempting food that everyone will enjoy. Whether you are sticking to that New Year’s Resolution or having the Big Game Sunday be cheat day, one stop shopping at Walmart makes it easy for any host.

Big Game watching parties are becoming huge festivities. Long gone are the days of chips and dip. Today, guests want elaborate tables filled with fabulous food.

Additionally, since so many people follow various eating plans, the party host needs to be conscious of all those lifestyle choices. From Keto to vegetarian to flexitarian, everyone has a particular way of eating.

When it comes to hosting a Big Game party, the host needs to make the event easy. Traveling from store to store and overspending on game day snacks isn’t efficient. Luckily Walmart, has some great options that will score with all those guests.

Walmart Super Bowl food, photo provided by Walmart

Here are FoodSided’s top Big Game picks from Walmart.

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Premium Kentucky Farms Party Tray

This party tray has all the meats covered. Meatballs, pulled pork and smoked linked sausages are included. For those Keto dieters, you can skip the bread. For everyone else, grab some buns at the deli to complete the tray. This party tray scores every time. It retails for $35.

100 Piece Deli Fried Chicken

If you are feeding a huge crowd, the 100 piece Deli Fried Chicken is the must have item for the snack table. With the Big Game being in Atlanta, everyone might want to indulge with some fried chicken. Plus, with this large package, no one will have to fight over the drumstick. The 100 piece Deli fried chicken sell for $75.

Caulipower 3 Cheese Pizza

It is inevitable that some guests can’t eat traditional pizza crust. Don’t exclude them during the Big Game party. The Caulipower 3 Cheese Pizza is tasty and doesn’t make you feel guilty about eating pizza. At $6.78 a package, you could feel a whole offensive line.

16” Marketside Chicken Bacon Ranch Super Sub

Who doesn’t love a good sub at a Big Game party? This version is definitely super. With chicken, bacon and ranch, this sub is a game winner. The only question is, do you have to share a sub or will you keep it all to yourself. This sub sells for $5.98.

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These Walmart offerings are just a few of the many Big Game foods that the retailer offers. What will be the feature of your MVP snack spread?