4 Super Bowl cocktails, one for each high scoring quarter


Super Bowl cocktails can be a great way to toast the game changing play or drown your sorrows when the outcome is less than desirable.

At any big game party, Super Bowl cocktails are the perfect way to get guests excited about both the football action and being together in the moment. It doesn’t matter if the game is an offensive blowout, a defensive stalemate or the game is beyond boring. With a great selection of Super Bowl themed cocktails, the party will be amazing.

When it comes to picking a cocktail for the big game party, a few ideas are important to keep in mind. One, these cocktails need to be relatively easy to make. You don’t want to miss that most-talked about commercial because your specialty cocktail takes 5 minutes to create.

Also, these cocktails need to be flavorful. The flavor doesn’t need to come from a crazy combination of ingredients. Each ingredient needs to provide a punch of flavor.

Lastly, the cocktails need to blend well with a variety of food on your big game spread. Most likely, that food table will have food ranging from spicy to bland and savory to sweet. The cocktails need to be wide reaching enough to appeal a myriad of flavors.

Here are four Super Bowl cocktails that will score at your big game celebration.

Sunday Funday, photo provided by Ruffino

RUFFINO’s Sunday Funday

While every Sunday can be funday, Super Bowl Sunday is probably one of the most festive. This particular cocktail could become a part of any Sunday gathering. From a festive brunch to a leisurely afternoon binge watching your favorite food TV show, this cocktail has a lot of versatility. Here’s how to make Sunday Funday featuring Ruffino.

"Sunday FundayIngredients:• 3 parts Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio• 3 parts rooibos tea• ½ part lemon juice• Lemon peelHow To Make ItInfuse the Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio with cinnamon overnight in the fridge. Brew the Rooibos tea and allow to chill. Add sugar to slightly sweeten the tea. Combine all ingredients into a highball glass, add ice, and stir. Add a lemon peel for garnish."

Kim On The Field, photo provided by Kim Crawford

Kim On The Field

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is an extremely popular white wine. The bright, fruit forward wine can be a lovely base for a crowd pleasing cocktail. In this cocktail, the grapefruit flavors are balanced with the sweetness of the watermelon. With a few bubbles, this cocktail is a perfect celebratory toast.

"Kim On The FieldIngredients:• 1 part Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc• 1 part vodka• 1 part fresh juiced watermelon• 1 part simple syrup• ½ part lemon• 1 ½ part soda water• Dash of grapefruit bitters• Grapefruit peel for garnishHow To Make ItMix first five ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice in a highball glass. Top with soda water. Add a dash of grapefruit bitters and garnish with grapefruit peel. Servings: 12 oz serving"

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Spicy Buck

A little heat can instantly perk up any Super Bowl party. While some people might be cautious of heat, a little spice can be the spark of flavor that anyone can handle. This particular cocktail combines two different forms of heat, the jalapeño and ginger, to bring a balanced heat to the cocktail. With a touch of sweetness, this cocktail can be quite compelling.

"Spicy BuckIngredients:• 2 parts Casa Noble Reposado Tequila• 2 thin slices jalapeño• 1 Tbsp sliced ginger• 1 parts lemon juice• 0.75 parts simple syrup• Ginger ale or ginger beer• Dash bitters• Lemon wedgeHow to Make ItMuddle jalapeño, ginger, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a shaker; add ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into glass over ice, top with ginger ale or ginger beer; add bitters. Garnish with lemon wedge"

Svedka Shanygraff, photo provided Svedka

Svedka Shandygraff

Many people enjoy a good shandy. The combination of beer and often lemonade is usually a light, refreshing libation that many people enjoy. In this particular cocktail, lemon is the predominate flavor. With its bright, acidic notes it is the perfect complement to spicy chicken wings, a hearty chili or event that seven layer dip.

"Svedka ShandygraffIngredients:• 1½ parts SVEDKA Colada• 3 parts Corona Light (ice cold)• 2 parts lemonade (cold)• 1 lemon wedgeHow To Make itPour SVEDKA Colada, lemonade, and the juice of 1 lemon wedge in a shaker. Add ice and shake briefly. Strain into a pint glass. Top with Corona Light. Garnish with a lemon wedge."

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Have you planned your big game menu yet? Could one of these four Super Bowl cocktails be served at your big party?