Pillsbury Snack Cakes, who needs an oven for a tasty treat

New Pillsbury Snack Cakes, photo provided by Pillsbury
New Pillsbury Snack Cakes, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Pillsbury Snack Cakes are the newest snacking innovation.

Craving brownies and birthday cake? Pillsbury Snack Cakes bring those tasty treats into your hands and no oven is required. Are ready to start snacking?

In the recent months, it seems that the oven has been in constant use. Whether it is banana bread, cookies or even another batch of brownies, it seems that the kitchen is filled with sweet treats.

As summer takes over, turning on the oven may not sound as enticing. When it is hot outside, no one wants to make the kitchen even hotter. Luckily, Pillsbury has come up with a solution, Pillsbury Snack Cakes.

The newest snack innovation from Pillsbury, these snack cakes come in two flavors, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Birthday Cake. Each snack cake is individually wrapped and a box contains six cakes. Whether you grab one from the pantry for an afternoon snack or from  the cooler on a day outside, these snack cakes will make any occasion a little sweeter.

By offering these two options, Pillsbury focuses on two very popular flavors. Birthday Cake has been a trending flavor. From candies to cereal, that sweeter, celebratory flavor makes any day special.

Pillsbury Snack Cakes
New Pillsbury Snack Cakes, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Chocolate Fudge Brownie is a classic. Whether eaten on its own or paired with ice cream, there is always a reason to enjoy a brownie.

Thinking about the Pillsbury chocolate fudge brownie flavor, this snack cake could be a new way to enjoy s’mores. Think about breaking the snack cake in half and adding a perfectly roasted marshmallow in between it. Is your mouth watering yet?

For many families, Pillsbury has been a part of baking traditions. From baking cakes to refrigerated cookie dough, many people have begun a love of baking with the brand. That idea of baking together becomes a family food tradition.

As families look to satisfy that sweet treat craving without spending extra time in the kitchen, this type of snacking innovation has a large appeal. A brand that families trust is providing the convenience that many families crave.

The Pillsbury Snack Cakes will available in store shelves this month. A 6-count box retails for $3.49.

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What do you think of these new Pillsbury Snack Cakes? Which flavor will you try first?