Fourth of July snacks: Which snacks satisfy that food craving?

(Photo illustration by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
(Photo illustration by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) /

What Fourth of July snacks will be served on your holiday table?

Although the fireworks and large gatherings might be postponed this year, Fourth of July snacks are still part of any size gathering. As everyone tries to have a taste of normal for this annual celebration, snack trends look a little different this year. Which snacks are satisfying that food craving?

Recently, Frito-Lay published its snack survey showing this year’s Fourth of July snacks trends. Since the annual summer holiday is considered the “biggest week of the year for salty snacks,” this year’s findings are both similar and different from previous years’ findings.

Overall, the majority of consumers are wanting classic snacks. Whether it is comforting food or a taste for nostalgia, those classic snacks are part of the new normal. From the plain Lay’s potato chip to even a bag of Fritos, it goes to show that classics never go out of style.

Overall, there are three considerations that consumers want in their snacks. They are “convenience, packability and staying true to favorites.” Thinking about those concepts, it coincides with the surge in online purchasing.

More and more people are wanting to push a button and have snacks delivered at their convenience. Whether it is craving or a desire to have a sense of normalcy, snacks are, and will be, part of consumers must have pantry items.

Looking specifically at this year’s snack trends, a new finding seems to be different from previous food trends. For the summer holiday, consumers are gravitating to unflavored tortilla chips and corn chips. After so many people craved the Flamin’ Hot and spicy varieties, there seems to be a specific reason behind the snack trend change.

As people tire of all that home cooking, simple dinners, sometimes dip for dinner, is on the rise. Those unflavored chips are the perfect pairing for those dips and other easy recipes. Whether it is nachos for dinner or Frito pie, the unflavored snacks are a must have.

Even though this year’s celebrations might be a little more subdue, the Fourth of July snacks will bring a little bite of happy. The night might not have fireworks lighting up the night sky, but that bowl of snacks will offer a taste of normal.

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What Fourth of July snacks will you be serving this year? Have your snack flavor preferences changed recently?