Coke Freestyle Machines begin to offer contactless pouring

New Coke Freestyle Machine contactless pouring, photo provided by Coke
New Coke Freestyle Machine contactless pouring, photo provided by Coke /

Responding to consumer demands, Coke Freestyle Machines have adapted to contactless pouring.

The beloved Coke Freestyle Machines have found a new way to make that special Coke brand beverage to be an even easier pour. With the new contactless pouring adaptation, consumers can feel better about enjoying their favorite fountain drink.

From quick service restaurants to theme parks, the Coke Freestyle Machine is everywhere. With numerous beverage combinations, Coke fans loved finding ways to creating the perfect beverage. Whether it is a version of Cherry Coke, a flavored Sprite or a personalized combination of various Coke products, that Freestyle machine was a Coke fan’s favorite indulgence.

As both companies and consumers learn to adapt to the current environment, changes have to occur for the benefit of consumers and companies. Since many people enjoy a fountain drink that they choose themselves, Coke has found a way to adapt the Coke Freestyle Machines to offer contactless pouring.

Similar to mobile ordering options that have become the norm, the Freestyle Machine will offer a QR code to scan with a smartphone. The Coke App then allows the consumer to “order” the beverage via their smartphone.

Now, the entire process is not completely contactless. The consumer does need to place his cup under the dispenser. Remember that the ice lever design was created to be ensure that the lip of the cup does not come into contact with the dispenser. Still, there is no need to touch the screen for an order. It minimizes the touch points which is important.

Coke Freestyle Machine
New Coke Freestyle Machine contactless option, photo provided by Coke /

Rolling out now and available in all machines by the end of 2020, the mobile ordering system makes the whole beverage ordering process easy. If users are familiar with the Coke Freestyle screen from the machine, that information has been transferred to their smartphone.

More importantly, this version has an added benefit to users. Many people have created their perfect personalized Coke beverage. If you remember few years ago, people voted on the ultimate personalized beverage.

In this mobile ordering system, the Coke app allows users to save their favorite beverage combination. If you love Diet Coke Lime with a splash Fanta Grape and a touch of Sprite, you can have it anytime you order. All those favorite mixes can be saved on the app.

As the need for contactless ordering options grow, this type of app system will become the norm. From theme parks mainly using mobile ordering to restaurants offering online menus, the smartphone is taking the place of paper and face to face interaction. The future impact of these changes on the restaurant industry remains to be seen.

For now, the Coke Freestyle Machine is back in service in a way that consumers feel comfortable using. Use that QR Code to open the numerous beverage possibilities that are available. You might find a new flavor combination that could become your special mix.

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