Snacking trends: Where’s the best place to hide snacks from the kids?

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With snacking trends on the rise, where do you choose to hide snacks?

Although bold flavors and innovative ingredients influence snacking trends, the newest snacking topic is best place to hide snacks. After months of social distancing, those favorite snack hiding spots are becoming more difficult to secure. Where’s the best place to hide your favorite snacks from those snack thieves?

Although people may not want to admit it, they have hidden food away from other people in their house. It isn’t that they are trying to keep a deep, dark secret. But, when you have snack craving, you want to have your favorite snack available. When you reach into the bottom of the bag and the kids have only left a pile of crumbs, your reaction might not be a happy one.

Recently, Wasa, the world’s largest crispbread manufacturer, produced a snacking study. While the “new normal” is anything but normal, the candid responses were quite refreshing.

According to the survey, parents’ best snack hiding places were the top shelf, the bedroom and the car. More importantly, 8 out of 10 parents admitted to hiding snacks from their kids. Although mom does always know best, it seems that she might be a little sneaky, too.

Thinking about these hiding places, those three locations might need a little update. In my house, my kids can reach the top shelf (where I can’t). Maybe hiding some snacks in the bottom of the laundry basket or by the vacuum might be a better choice. Can you remember the last time that kids willingly did chores in your house?

With all the current stresses in life, moms are feeling the pressure which shows that snack time is all the time. Whether it is boredom, hunger or stress, snacks are often on the counter. Unfortunately, healthy snacking is on the decrease compared to less healthy options.

Given all these findings, families need to be more thoughtful about the food that is in the house. By stocking the pantry with healthier options, making fresh fruits and vegetables available or just being conscious of eating, those snacking trends can change. No one is forcing your hand toward your mouth. It is a choice.

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What do you think of these snacking trends? Have you started eating differently recently?