Shake Shack free shake deal: Ready for the Shake Shake?

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Ready to Shake Shake because this Shake Shack free shake deal is here.

While people might not be shaking hands, they will be shaking for this Shake Shack free shake deal. If you are ready to sip on one of those iconic shakes, Uber Eats is ready to deliver one to you.

As food delivery has become the way for many people to indulge in their favorite restaurant food options, companies are looking for ways to make a big impression. Often, free food offers entice guests to place another order.

Just announced, Uber Eats entered a partnership with Shake Shack. To kick off this partnership, there is a special shake offer. Now through August 23, guests can get a buy one get one shake offer exclusively via Uber Eats.

To celebrate this partnership, Uber Eats, Shake Shack and some popular TikTok stars launched the Shake Shake. Even with social distancing, everyone can join the Shake Shake TikTok challenge.

Even if you aren’t ready to shake for your shake, you can get the buy one, get one free shake offer. The only question on the table is which shake flavor will you choose?

One of the reasons why people crave the Shake Shack shakes is because they are made with custard. Custard contains more egg yolk which gives the frozen treat a smooth, creamy texture (and often more calories).

The Shake Shack shake menu has seven classic flavors (and occasionally limited-edition flavors). The seven stanard flavors are: Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Black & White, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, or Coffee Fair.

While everyone has their favorite flavor, the Salted Caramel and Black & White are must try flavors. Although classics are always in season, these two flavors bring a different flare to the classic frozen dessert.

The touch of salt in the salted caramel entices you to come back sip after sip. It offers just the right amount of salt to enhance the caramel flavor.

The Black & White might not be exactly the same as the iconic deli cookie, the chocolate and vanilla flavors are quite tasty. Whether you enjoy this shake with your fries or as dessert, it will be a must order with any meal.

If you need an excuse to have a sweet treat before summer ends, place an Uber Eats order for the Shake Shack free shake deal before August 23. Even during the dog days of summer, everyone needs a little something special.

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What is your favorite Shake Shack shake flavor?