Is Sam’s Club challenging ALDI to become the foodie destination?

Taste of the South Fried Pickles & Ranch Dip, photo provided by Sam's Club
Taste of the South Fried Pickles & Ranch Dip, photo provided by Sam's Club /

Watch out ALDI finds; Sam’s Club is ready to be a foodie destination.

While many people head to Sam’s Club for savings, the vast aisles are offering more than value. From seasonal treats to special limited offerings, the warehouse club is beckoning foodies. Even though many people post photos of their best ALDI finds, could that Sam’s be the next foodie destination?

Today’s consumer is savvy. While people are always wanting convenience, value drives purchases. Although celebrity chefs can showcase the most expensive ingredients and next food trend, consumers know that a more approachable version can be found at a local store.

From seasonal treats to food trends, stores are always looking to excite consumers. It is more than just the next BOGO special. They want to offer food that will make other people say, where did you buy that?

Looking at recent Sam’s Club offerings, the warehouse store is looking to capture that excitement. It is more than just the private Maker’s Mark brand. Granted that its chicken sandwich could be tastier than some fast food offerings, it is more than just item.

From Baby Yoda cereal to special Hershey’s Halloween candy and pickle dip to pumpkin granola,  those specials bring people into the store. While families stock up on the essentials, these items call out from the end of the aisle. In some ways, it entices consumers to buy more.

While families might be stocking their carts, foodies are making a special trip to stock up on seasonal, limited edition items From the OREO Halloween popcorn to Cinnadust Cinnamon Toast Crunch seasoning, people want these special treats. Before those special foods are sold out, people just have to have them.

As food shopping experiences continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Sam’s Club balances value, trends and the new foodie customer. Although it seems unlikely that wagyu beef will be sold next to the 10-pound package of hamburger, it is possible to get Beyond Meat and a really great wine in one shopping trip. After all, in 2020, anything is possible.

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Where do you shop for your best foodie finds?