Easy Halloween food ideas that bring a little spooky to the table

Heinz Tomato Blood, photo provided by Heinz
Heinz Tomato Blood, photo provided by Heinz /

These easy Halloween food ideas make spooky and fright tasty.

Looking for some easy Halloween food ideas? Just because Halloween 2020 is not traditional doesn’t mean all the spooky fun is canceled. Why not create a Halloween feast that is filled with food that is frightful and delightful?

During the Halloween season, everyone looks to add a little spooky to their food. While Halloween candy bowls might be overflowing, easy Halloween food ideas aren’t limited to those M&M’s and Reese’s candies.

Here are a few tasty, easy Halloween food suggestions.

HEINZ Tomato Blood Ketchup

Looking for the perfect Halloween condiment? HEINZ Tomato Blood Ketchup can make those vampire fries and hot dog fingers a little spookier. Now, HEINZ Tomato Blood Ketchup really isn’t different than regular ketchup, it is just having a little fun with Halloween 2020.

Shelly Hayden, brand manager, HEINZ Ketchup said, “With HEINZ Tomato Blood Ketchup, we want to give families a fun way to go big with their spooky celebrations, even if they look a little different in 2020.”

If you want this special spooky themed bottle, join the TikTok Hashtag Challenge. Or, just get a regular bottle of HEINZ ketchup and channel your own creativity.

Semi-Homemade Halloween desserts

The Hershey’s Halloween Squad has tons of ideas to make Halloween 2020 fun. From Halloween costume ideas to trick or treating safely, these tips keep the spooky fun going.

A couple of the semi-homemade Halloween desserts are fun for the whole family. Even though many people have bettered their baking skills, semi-homemade treats are an easy baking hack.

Consider some store-bought cupcakes or cookies and let the family decorate them. From favorite Halloween candies to colorful icing, the spooky creativity can bring a lot of laughs around the table.

Spooky pizza

Pizza and Halloween go hand in hand. While many stores see a spike in pizza sales on Halloween, even that popular pizza chain pizza can get a spooky twist.

Consider buying a plain cheese pizza and let the kids add ingredients to it. From pepperoni eyes to a sausage mouth, the options are many.

Also, you could make a homemade version or try a take and bake variety. Basically, that pizza is one of the easy Halloween food ideas.

Almost any favorite food can be transformed into some spooky food for Halloween. From some pumpkin shapes to silly eyes, the options are many. Although sometimes it may not be a great idea to play with your food, on Halloween, a little fun is encouraged.

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What are your favorite easy Halloween food ideas?