Election Day food deals are better than a I Vote sticker

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Celebrate I Voted and enjoy these Election Day food deals.

It doesn’t matter if your state is red or blue, these Election Day food deals celebrate everyone who has done their civic duty. Given the current state of the world, enjoying some free food can the happy moment that everyone needs. Ready to dig in?

Although free food is not a reason to vote, it can be a special perk on Election Day. While the election outcome will be sorted out at some point, restaurants and companies are trying to make these contentious times a little less combative. Everyone can agree that free food is a good thing.

Also, Election Day is also National Sandwich Day. Some restaurants might be offering sandwich special for the food holiday. All day November 3 could be filled with tasty food discounts.

Here are some of FoodSided’s top picks for Election Day food deals.

Krispy Kreme will be giving out free Original Glazed Doughnuts. Additionally, they will have I Voted stickers if you didn’t get one.

Chili’s is offering its Presidente Margarita for $5, even if you didn’t vote as part of the Margarita Party. Also, the November Marg of the Month, Hennessy Harvest is just $5, too. At the end of Tuesday night, everyone might need a margarita.

Enlightened is giving away free ice cream. Since everything is better with ice cream, Enlightened is using its Instagram channel to give this offer. And, if you don’t get to enjoy this offer in person, why not just enjoy a pint of Enlightened ice cream with some of those new cookie dough bites. A sweet treat makes any day tastier.

Shake Shack is giving back to poll workers who are working so hard. Now through Election Day, poll workers can get a free Chick’n Shack or Shack Burger when they show their proof of badge. The offer is valid in restaurants only.

Boston Market is giving out free a slider on Election Day and no additional purchase is necessary. But, the offer is available 9 p.m. till close. Whether you choose Chicken Cheddar, Turkey Cheddar, Chicken Chipotle or BBQ Meatloaf, any choice is free. While these sliders are part of the Boston Market Late Night menu, it would be nice if they could be part of the all-day menu.

Lastly, if you don’t want to leave the house on Election Day, DoorDash has you covered. In addition to the campaign get out the vote, DoorDash will offer free delivery on orders over $15. Use the code VOTE at check out.

Junior’s Cheesecake is offering a discount for to encourage everyone to vote. These special VOTE cheesecakes will only be available for a limited time.

These Election Day food deals are just a small sampling of the options available. Whether you enjoy one or just enjoy some Election Day cocktails, a big change is coming. There will be no more election commercials on Wednesday.

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