Which popular fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Eve 2020?

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These popular fast food restaurants will be open on Christmas Eve 2020.

Craving fries or a burger? Many popular fast food restaurants are open on Christmas Eve 2020. Whether you are doing some last minute shopping or just need to get out of the house, a fast food run could be the answer.

While this holiday season has been different from years past, many people would like to skip another day of cooking. In some ways, that fast food run could be reduce a little of that holiday stress.

Here are some popular fast food restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve 2020.


If you remember, McDonald’s is giving out free chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve. Why not grab a Big Mac or even some McNuggets and skip cooking.


While not necessarily fast food, who doesn’t need a latte to fuel those holiday festivities. Although specific location times vary, the majority of Starbucks locations will be open on Christmas Eve 2020.

Dunkin’ Donuts

What makes last minute holiday shopping easier, running to Dunkin’ Donuts, of course. Dunkin’ is open on Christmas Eve and it is the perfect time to grab another Sugar Plum Macchiato. You might even want to grab one for Santa.

Taco Bell

For many people, Christmas Eve 2020 is a reason to head to Taco Bell. With the return of Nacho Fries, it is the perfect reason to head to Taco Bell on the holiday.

Boston Market

Since many people need a night off from cooking, Boston Market has a rotisserie chicken waiting for you. While some locations might be closed on Christmas Day, order some extra cornbread or a side for Christmas dinner. It eliminates some extra stress on the holiday.


If you didn’t hear, you can get free buttermilk pancakes for Santa on Christmas Eve, so local restaurants will be open. Whether you dine-in or place an order to-go, pancakes could be the new holiday treat this year.

Burger King

If you are craving that Whopper, Burger King has you covered on Christmas Eve. It has been a big year for BK. From being more transparent about its burger ingredients to being a leader in the plant-based food movement, having it your way at BK is stronger than ever.

Jack in the Box

After its recent announcement about the Jack in the Box Cluck Sandwich, many people are heading to Jack in the Box. From that new chicken sandwich to the always popular Tiny Tacos, Jack in the Box is always a tasty choice.


Those 11 herbs and spices are going to be available on Christmas Eve. While you might not have one of those special yule logs on the fire, there is always a reason to enjoy some of that delicious fried chicken. And, consider ordering some extra biscuits for Christmas dinner. It is one less food that you have to make.


The iconic Texas fast food chain is open on Christmas Eve. If you can see that iconic sign driving down the road, it could be calling you to make a stop.

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These popular fast food restaurants are just a small sampling of the restaurants that are open on Christmas Eve. With all the other stressful items that have happened this holiday season, why not let take the pressure off and let someone take over a meal. It could be as easy as pushing a button.

What is your holiday food tradition? Do you cook or order during the holidays?